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An Office Furniture Buying Guide

When it comes to office furniture, there seems to be a fine line between stylish furniture and useful furniture. As a business owner, you probably want to keep your overhead costs low by avoiding unnecessary furniture. However, there are proven benefits to implementing creative design styles into your office via furniture. For example, if you ever ask your clients to come to your office for meetings, you don’t want to feel embarrassed about how boring your office looks. In order to maintain the image of success, you need furniture that can reflect success.

Your employees can benefit from a creative office design as well. Some studies have shown that employees perform better in more creative environments, which is why office owners are turning away from cubicles and are focusing more on open-space floor plans.

When it comes to buying office furniture, there are lots of elements to implement. If you’re struggling with design ideas, you need to know about some great new pieces of office furniture that can transform your workplace into a creative environment where productivity is always increasing and comfort is always a priority.

Lounge and Reception Couches

If you’re planning on bringing clients to the office, you’re going to need to make them feel comfortable while they wait to meet with you. If you have nowhere for them to sit, your clients might feel uncomfortable and impatient to start the meeting. By creating a comfortable atmosphere for non-employees as well, you can show your clients that they are valued and that their comfort is a priority.

One of the best ways to keep your clients comfortable while they wait is to place some couches in your lounge or reception area. Sofas are perfect for sitting and relaxing while waiting for an appointment, job interview, or meeting. Next to the sofa, you can set up a coffee table with some magazines or other light reading material so that the client can have something to do while he or she is waiting for you.

Employee Workspaces

The era of the cubicle is quickly fading and some business studies have shown that isolating employees can actually decrease productivity. Employees seem to work better when there is an atmosphere that implies a certain level of accountability, such as the presence of other coworkers and managers.

You can create a bullpen environment for your base-level employees by picking up some new white bench desks and arranging them on the floor of your office. Your bench desks can be placed in the middle of the room while the outlying offices can be reserved for executives and upper management.

It’s also very important to keep your employees comfortable while they’re working. Uncomfortable employees will be less likely to complete tasks as quickly because they’ll feel as if they can’t concentrate. You should consider picking up some new chairs that provide plenty of lumbar support and go great with your desks. If you’re concerned about spending too much on new chairs, you should know that some websites sell used chairs that are still in excellent condition but are much more affordable.