Best Rifle AR-10 Scope for you: How to Choose the Right One?

The AR-10 is a 7.62×51 mm, first developed as a NATO battle field rifle by EUGENE stoner in the late 1950’s at ARMALITE, to combat with the likes of FN, FAL and Spanish CETME etc. and without optics in mind. It is a precursor of A-15 and is a light weight, air cooled, magazine fed, gas operated hard hitting rifle with rotary bolt mechanism. The present renovated versions of the BEST AR 15 SCOPE (owing to the modern semi-automatic design) are built keeping optics in mind.

AR-10 although initially built for battle combat, at present has various objectives. Known for its high accuracy it is used frequently in competition shooting, hunting and even tactical roles. The drift of its usage from battle field to everyday life owes to its conjugation with optics and introduction of a new accessory in the form of air rifle scopes. Air rifles are fun to use only when target is hit with more frequent accuracy. Here the air rifle scope comes into the picture as it gives more accuracy and clarity of the target location by optical sciences. But before venturing further to find out the best scope for AR -10 it is necessary to understand as what a scope is and what constitutes a scope. This knowledge will make us appreciate the importance of the usage of scope with BEST AR 15 SCOPE for target hitting.

Choosing the best scope:

After getting familiar with what is what of air rifle scope the task of choosing the best scope becomes a tad easier. But with so many different features in the offing one has be still clearer  regarding certain aspects which has to be kept in mind while zeroing on the perfect scope .

1) The scope must fulfil the basic industry standards:Any decent scope should have the basic features of  being shockproof(should stand up to the .308 round of most AR10) , water proof, and fog proof(a decent scope is purged with gas like nitrogen and sealed with o- rings to render it shock and water proof).

2) Accuracy-air files like AR 10 are known for their accuracy. Air rifle scope must be able to achieve this.

3) Clarity of the objectives  to be achieved by the scope: One  must be very clear  of the objectives to be fulfilled by the scope and one must ask questions like what type of use you are putting  the air rifle in? What are the targets? What is the magnification required and in what conditions the rifle will be used (dark or light)? Whether the target is fixed or moving? Etc. before choosing a scope. Some major points regarding these questions are covered below:

4) Mounting- Powerful air rifles like AR10 must always use one piece mount as it offers stability and accuracy and the power to withstand the double recoil.

5) AO designation-A good scope model should always have the Ao designation fulfilled to deal with the parallax error. After all, every purchase is all about value for money.