An overview of GST rates in India 2016/2017

The GST Council is continuously putting efforts in the new Indian taxation process so that it can get implemented effectively and exhibit its true potential. And since the taxation came into effect, multiple GST Council and government meetings and conventions have been arranged for the discussions on making the GST better. The 25th meeting of […]

Outsourcing payroll

What’s a Good Employee Payroll Service for a Small Company

Outsourcing payroll has been proven a boon for many a small businesses. It is an efficient and valuable alternative to managing payroll in-house. By outsourcing, the company can reduce time its employees spend on processing payroll, determining tax obligations, preparing checks and providing management reports. In addition, the payroll service provider can offer other services […]


Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor Speaks About Investment Bankers and Financial Advisors

Investment banker professional is a person working in a large bank involved in raising capitals for companies, government, and other entities. Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor says that a financial adviser is a professional and a knowledgeable person who acts as a consultant, renders financial services to his client, and suggests ways and means for their […]