Finding a Good Canadian Immigration Law Firm in Toronto!

When you are stuck with immigration formalities, you should resort to legal help. Only a legal representative can offer some comforting solutions. But, it is important that you look out for a dependable professional. You cannot pick any attorney and expect him to help you with your case. The laws pertaining to immigration in Toronto are different from the residential laws. Hence, you need to choose an expert who can help you with the procedures. In times of emergency, you can contact Otis &Korman.

If you are systematic in your approach to find an immigration lawyer, you can easily find one. Here are some steps to help you get a reliable lawyer to help you with the immigration formalities:

  • It is not about holding a valid degree to practice law but having the reputation in the area of practice. So, you should be looking for an attorney who possesses a degree and rich experience in the field of immigration law. Check for his or her reputation and how the service is towards the immigrants.
  • You can easily look up to their work record. Know how many successful cases has the lawyer handled in his work career. The higher are the number of victories, the better are your chances as well. Hence, you should look for someone who knows the law well and how to work around it in your favor.
  • Sometimes all you might need is some counseling on how to go about the process of immigration. You are thorough with your documentation and have to simply go for the paperwork. There are several immigration law firms that will help you with the consultation as well. While searching for services, make sure you check for these elements as well.

  • Prepare a list of questions. Pitch them to the lawyer. See how well the lawyer answers them or whether he ditches them. It will help you know if the immigration attorney will be able to help you with your case or not. Also, you will be able to judge if you can build a rapport with the attorney and share your doubts without any hesitation.
  • Go through the qualification requirement of immigration professional. Match the list with the attorney or lawyers you meet for your case. If you find any of the elements missing, take a hint and proceed to another lawyer. Whether you are looking for a firm or an individual practitioner, it is imperative for the professional to be licensed and authorized for working.
  • Work your way online initially. It is possible that the Canadian immigration law firm in Toronto might charge you for even the first consultation. Hence, keep the conversations online so that you can save on consultation charges. Only when you have figured out the terms and conditions of working, you can meet the firm or the lawyer in person.
  • Be clear about the legal charges. If you are paying for the service or are made to pay a fine, how will you deal with the finances? When you have worked on such things, you can actually ask the lawyer to begin his or her work on your case. Make sure you have a work contract with the lawyer before he starts with the case.