How Does Alcohol Effect on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence often occurs as a result of consuming drugs and alcohol, which are increasingly common among young people, but also in families. Alcohol has a major role in domestic violence in many homes. Get free consultation in order to get more information about domestic violence and find ways to prevent it from happening.

These people usually come home drunk, aggressive and beat their wives and children. In many cases women are afraid to report this types of crime because of the consequences she can face when the criminal gets out of jail. They often decide to hide this problem and act like everything is perfectly fine. This is their biggest mistake because there are institutions that protect women and children victims of domestic violence. Telling the problem to someone is the first step that will help you get rid of it permanently.

Fines of up to 12 years in prison

There are several forms of domestic violence and the punishments depends on that.

For the first form, when the use of violence, threatens the life and body of the victim, bodily integrity or mental condition of the family, it is regulated by a fine or imprisonment of up to one year. If the police discover any weapons, dangerous tools or other similar means, the individual will be punishedwith an imprisonment from three months to three years. If the offense is committed against a minor or if the attacked caused a serious bodily injury or impairment of health, the punishment is from one to eight years in prison. The most severe form of crimedue to domestic violence is a death of a family member, and the criminal will face a sentence of 12 years in prison and in many countries even more.

What can you do to prevent domestic violence?

Well, be the change you wish to see in the world, just like the old proverb says. If we all think like that, if we are all determined to do our best to get rid of domestic violence, we can do a lot and provide assistance and help to the victims. First of all, if you know a person who suffers from domestic violence or if their partner is not treating them properly, ask them if everything is fine with them and tell them that they can trust you. If they confess, it will be your duty to report it to the police making sure that the victim never experiences such problem again.

If you are the one who is suffering from domestic violence, get out of that place right now! No one needs to put up with such problems, so make sure you report the person who is treating you bad. You do not deserve this. For that purpose, hire a lawyer in order to make sure that the attacker receives the punishment he deserves.