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Know Kpo jobs in Mumbai in detail

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) companies are one step ahead of business process outsourcing (BPO). Even the way of hiring people for KPOs is far different from BPOs, but rest of the work which involves for employees is quite the same. The operations part is also similar to BPO, however, as I said it is one step ahead which means the quality of work over here matters a lot. KPO can be defined as a highly authentic process of outsourcing where skills and experience of the employees matter a lot.

The availability of KPO jobs in Mumbai and other metro cities is more. WNS, Tresvista, Netscribes and Sutherland Global Services are some of the most reputed and top KPO companies. Let’s check out what does it take to land a job in KPO companies. I will also be sharing some of the most popular and best career opportunities in KPOs.

Educational Requirement

Aspirants with B.Com bachelor’s degree are more attracted to KPO jobs. Having a graduation degree from any stream is a must to land a job in KPO companies. Here, employers don’t compromise on educational qualification even though if a candidate is amazing in communication. Just like other jobs, having a higher educational qualification or additional skills and certificates in related fields is required to land a senior level job in KPOs.

Career Opportunities In KPO Sector

Team Leader

A successful team leader provides right directions and instructions to his/her team of executives. They come up with a plan in order to reach a certain goal efficiently before the deadline is breached. Supervising team members’ work and maintain the flow of daily operations are some of their major responsibilities.

Quality Analyst

The main role of a quality analyst in a KPO is to assess their employees’ performance and to provide coaching in order to make their performance better. Quality assurance is their main job, here, the quality can be maintained by improving caller’s performance, reducing attrition rate, and to highlight the areas of business risks.

Senior Executive

A senior executive is an acting team leader; here their experience is what makes them predict what consumers need. Delivering expert level consulting and working closely with their respective managers to understand the business problem and contribute ideas

Is what they mainly do.

 Customer Care Executive

KPOs prefer to hire customer care executives who have an experience working in the similar field or a person with good communication and problem-solving skills. Graduates are mostly preferred by the employers in KPOs, their primary responsibility is to answer calls professionally to provide information about products or services. Moreover, taking or cancelling orders and taking down the details of the complaint given by customers and providing right solutions/directions to them.

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