No more worries about the poor broadband connectivity

Internet is the most important thing that is widely used across the globe, almost all the works can be carried out only with the help of the internet. There is nothing if there is no internet, but when the internet has become slow due to the poor service from the internet service provider, everyone will get annoyed and all works will get affected. Hence everyone wants the good internet coverage in their locality. The same kind of problem has been faced by the Simon KisselBingen who has invented the Viprinet. In his earlier days, he was living in a town in Germany where the broadband connection was too annoying, it was considerably slow. Therefore he contacted the various channel bonding companies in order to get the reliable internet connection which he was looking for. But the service providers are not satisfying his needs, therefore he tried to create a new concept in which the packets are transmitted using a single circuit but Simon has created a new concept of router that is used to connect the various broadband lines into the single one, so that you will get the uninterrupted internet supply.

Simon Kissel- history:

In his earlier days, Simon Kissel Bingen was known to be the computer nerd, inventor and the executive who is blessed with a lot of special talents. He is self educated and started to do programming at the early age of 10. He was dropped out from school at the age of 17, and then he started to run a computer shop on his own. He then becomes famous among the computer professionals due to the biggest event called Breakpoint. He learned about everything on his own, he learned from his own mistakes and gain a lot of experiences in his life. As the day’s passes by, his computer shop has grown into the leading software developing company which is the top in the industry of software. In the year of 2005, he found the individual bonding type based on which the products are developed in the recent times. In the year of 2006, Simon has invented the Viprinet which is the best among the hardware routers. Thus, Simon plays a dual role in his company that is as CEO and as the head of the development team.

Viprinet- the basic information:

The business transactions in the recent times are in need of internet connection all the time, but it is not sure that you will get the good internet connection at all the time. When the internet connection is lost, one cannot do any works, then the mobile radio cells get over loaded which result into the decrease of the internet connection step by step. But when Viprinet is considered , the individual connections are grouped together to provide the good internet connection which will you to run the business without any interruption, this router is available at the highly affordable rates hence anyone can buy this router. This helps in connecting the different types of media like ADSL, LTE/4G, 3G/HSPA+ and much more.