Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor Speaks About Investment Bankers and Financial Advisors

Investment banker professional is a person working in a large bank involved in raising capitals for companies, government, and other entities. Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor says that a financial adviser is a professional and a knowledgeable person who acts as a consultant, renders financial services to his client, and suggests ways and means for their financial progress.

Investment bankers work with corporate clients, providing guidance and support for a certain specific type of financial transaction. Financial advisors can work in a variety of business environment of different type of financial activities whereas Investment bankers mostly are the employee in commercial or investment banks.

Both fields are highly demanding in economic, investment and business related areas.

Investment Banking vs. Financial Advisory

The jobs of investment banker and financial advisor are completely different though both operate in the financial service industry. Both the profession have a lot of things common like educational qualification and income, however, each plays a distinctly different role in the financial sector.

Investment bankers neither have the time nor need sound financial knowledge like advisors for the nature of their work. For that reason, they need financial advisors for assistance.

Investment bankers primarily work in the following areas:

  • Underwriting, valuation of company’s asset, review the validation of the company, guide in purchasing shares at discounted prices;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions issues;
  • Working with lenders to restructure debt obligations;
  • Advise his clients on how, when, and where to raise capital;
  • Market research and daily progress monitoring;
  • locates new business opportunities for the client;
  • Prepare the presentation on financial solutions to clients;
  • Interact with a chief executive and chief financial officers;

According to the version of Patrick Dwyer Finanical Advisor that In order to become an investment banker, you must qualify the “Series 79 examination” on the topics like collection, analysis and evaluation of financial data, restructuring transactions, general securities regulations, and many more.

Alternatively, it can be concluded that a financial advisor, usually works with individuals and are specialized and trained in the following areas:

  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Investing

Financial advisors have expertise in areas that investment bankers need not cover. Moreover, the investment banking industry concentrates more on specialization meaning an investment banker in today’s world naturally gains a lot of experience in debt capital markets.

Why Investment Bankers Need Financial Advisors?

A wise investment banker will opt for the help of an advisor with the Certified Financial Planner designation. To become certified, a financial advisor must comply with the ethics of 3E, Education, Examination, Experience.

The Rock Bottom Line

More often than not, investment bankers just don’t have the time or expertise to manage their own personal finances. It is an open secret and not a matter of disgrace that investment bankers prefer to outsource their personal finance strategies to a qualified financial advisor. Therefore, it is said that financial advisor and Investment bankers are interdependent.