Six Things to Note in Choosing Call Center Outsourcing Services

Most businesses suffice by a dedicated in-house customer support team with only a few members. However, verticals such as telecom, online retail, insurance, and software technology are essentially 24/7 support oriented services. Having only a few people receiving seldom calls is not exactly a sufficient vision for growth!

Envision an entire department of executives working on graveyard shift with committed determination. Night shifts are not only typical, but one of the norms at a standard outbound call centre running international processes. When you seek to outsource customer support to a third party service in Kolkata, look into the following six aspects to forge a long-term partnership of mutual business.

  1. Top of the Game: Make sure that the service is at the top of its game on all aspects. They should have a decent infrastructure, both physically and digitally. When you visit the offices for the primary discussion, check a few critical aspects such as computer maintenance, and the backup data server. Ask for success rates in running processes. Always ensure that you are working with the commitment of unparalleled assistance.
  1. Male and Female: It is actually important for the prospective client to verify if the processes are inclusive of both male and female representatives. Top agencies employ detailed psychological profiling of the target customer base to select the gender ratio among support executives. Usually, the opposite sex factor is used for up-selling. Discuss crucial aspects like these with the preferred call center outsourcing. At the same time, see through that the company does not employ discriminatory policies based on gender participation. Such things affect the morale of quality delivery irrevocably. 
  1. Motivated Service: Check out if the facility keeps its employees happy enough to deliver a motivated service. Make a mental review of office facilities (canteen, coffee corners, washrooms, ATMs, drinking water, cleanliness, etc.) and talk with a few callers at random if possible. You must be sure of the realistic human resource capability from the service. 
  1. Assertive Marketing: Under no circumstances, can a support executive yell at the customer over the company telephone line! It is a quality evaluation nightmare, and something entirely unacceptable at a calling facility. However, the vocal marketing approach should be assertive instead of aggressive. Check out if the marketing team employs cognitive and psychological factors in marketing such as the gender aspect mentioned above. If the target profile is more feminine (a cosmetic surgery support process for example), then the usual strategy is to assign more males, and vice versa.
  1. Soft Skills Experts: The soft skills training should include practices on being respectful to customers, under all possible circumstances. For a training program to be comprehensive, it should be inclusive of both product knowledge and stringent soft skills practice. See whether the training room employs strategies such as projector presentations, public speaking, tests, real calling, and printed notes to accompany the candidates. 
  1. Secured Service: Finally, you should be making sure whether the call centre services can deliver the guarantee of security, both digitally and physically. Things to check include usage of 128 nit encryption for data transfer, in house firewall support, and CCTV monitored physical security at the premises.

These features will give you a cutting edge over your competition. So, choose wisely and boost customer confidence and goodwill.