Tips to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

A cleaning business is a low-cost idea which is relatively easy to set up, although the cleaning industry is a competitive market, there is still plenty of work if you plan ahead and take some key steps towards understanding the market.

Decide on a Specific Sector

There are three main sectors in the cleaning industry, each requires a specific set of skills to ensure your business flourishes in this area.

  • Industrial Cleaning – this sector is centred mostly on large office blocks, you will require a large team of workers to clean each floor and have yourself working as management.
  • Residential Cleaning – this sector involves cleaning domestic property like houses, this work is generally done when the homeowner is at their place of employment. It can be done with a small team of cleaners which can gradually expand as your business begins to contract.
  • Specialised Cleaning – this area requires a skilled cleaning service who knows how to handle specific areas, it can be a little bit difficult to acquire contracts in the beginning, but if you find a niche in the market it is potentially a lucrative business

Market Research

If you plan on setting up your business in any area, it is advisable to carry out some market research to ensure your service is in demand. It is important you understand your local demographic and your potential market, this will help you to plan a service which is specifically suited to your target market.

Business Model

Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting challenge without any great knowledge of the industry, but there are other options such as franchising. Although there is an initial cost, a franchise is an excellent way to hit the ground running. A franchise provides you with a customer base, access to information about the industry and various other important services. But if you choose to go it alone, you will not incur that initial cost of buying into a franchise.

Purchasing Equipment

Your cleaning equipment is one of the most important parts of your business, some items can be costly depending on the sector you choose to work in. Domestic cleaners usually have access to household products, so they do not need to spend a lot on supplies, on the other hand, commercial cleaning can be costly. If you require a durable industrial vacuum cleaner it may initially cost money, but it is essential to your business.

Create a Solid Marketing Plan

Try to create a solid marketing plan, work towards key objectives and goals. Use the marketing mix and key performance indicators to help you assess your marketing plan.

4 P’s of the Marketing Mix:

  • Place
  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion

Although competition can be rife in the cleaning industry, it can be a great way to start up your own business, follow some of these simple steps and always remember to plan ahead to improve your chances of success.