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Top 7 Advantages of OEE Systems

OEE systems are used to help improve and expand businesses, especially those in the manufacturing industry. There are a large number of advantages found in using OEE systems for businesses, regardless of sector.

It’s important to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve your business or company, which is why your company should always be looking for new ways to help advance and improve company performance. An OEE system addition can do just that as a tool for continuous improvement.


As a company, you should always be looking to increase competitiveness. Competitive service is all about offering better services for less, which helps to draw clients into your business and away from the competition. An OEE will be able to increase competition. For example, if a line is making 60 parts an hour when it could be making 100, the system will assess the issue and indicate how to solve it. Which is ideal for increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

Return of Investment

Return of investment (ROI) is all about investing in your company and looking to gain back the money you put in, and more, which is return of investment followed by profit. An OEE’s main job is all about maximising productivity and efficiency, thus ensuring equal payback.

Increased Quality

The cost of having defective products is high, as you will lose money on the returns and recalls. In fact, this is one of the biggest causes of economic loss. OEE can isolate the decline in quality and help to correct the issue as quickly as possible for quicker corrective action.


OEE systems help to increase machine and manufacturing performance. This is important in helping companies improve and turn a better profit. The higher the performance quality, the better a company will function. Also, the system will be able to identify when new equipment may be needed as well.

Measure and Decide

If it can be measured, it can be managed and improved. Which is where OEE comes into play. The system will quantify stats, including percentages pertaining to efficiency. The information is critical for decision making when making improvements. OEE is a measurement tool that aids in making changes that will benefit the overall operation.

Benefits Individuals Involved in the Manufacturing Process

The information provided by the system is given in realtime. This means workers and employees will be able to benefit from the information as quickly as possible and adjust what they’re doing. The information will improve productivity and help to minimise production loss.

Reduce Repair Costs

Cutting and reducing costs is all part of running a business, especially a successful one. OEE systems are great for measuring productivity, which is part of making sure your machine is working properly. These stats are ideal for identifying issues that need repair, or may need repair in the future. This eliminates guesswork and allows for easier preventative maintenance. The more breakdowns and issues you can prevent, the better the company and manufacturing centre will operate, saving time and money without sacrificing quality.