Homeless Veterans

What We, as a Society, Can Contribute to Help Our Homeless Veterans

According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, 11 percent of the adult homeless people in America are Veterans. However, the problem of veterans’ homelessness is growing. It is a tragedy when those who have served the country are left without homes or food or basic home care for the disabled veterans. It is upon Americans to seek practical solutions for this menace as more youth enroll to serve their country; we must give them hope and show that we care. We mustn’t allow these brave men and women suffer in their country.

Based on studies, disability is the leading cause of veterans’ homelessness. Further studies show that 64.7 percent of homeless veterans suffer from various handicaps. There are numerous services available to assist homeless veteran soldiers, but sometimes these services are limited. We can all help eradicate veteran homelessness by engaging in various programs to help.

Below are some of the ways you can assist:

Community-Based grouping

Find out community-based programs that help relieve some of the problems homeless veterans face. The majority of the nonprofit groups offer ways to help veterans change from homelessness to independent permanent housing. Government aid is seldom sufficient, so society groups help with volunteers to provide resources and support for returning war soldiers where possible.

Local Government Officials

Local government officials, including members of Congress, the mayor’s office, should help to find suppliers for the homeless veterans. We should engage the local government reps to help find long-term amicable solutions in the community about helping the homeless returning soldiers. You can encourage more assistance for vets through the development of sustainable programs.

Local Volunteering

Participate in local homeless coalition’s group tasks to find out what are their immediate needs, and offer assistance where possible. Many Groups all over the country endeavor to help end homelessness as well as provide basic needs for the vets. Ponder finding such groups, and volunteer.

Homeless Veterans

Form an association

If assistance for vets lacks in your area, join hands with other people who would like to get involved in providing care and support for homeless veterans in your area. You can also ask the local government or the church to help you map out donation platforms or assist with halls and resources to get started. Alternatively; you can also donate to existing community programs that help homeless vets. This Homeless Veterans website contains information about how you can assist.


Employment is one of the permanent solutions in preventing homelessness among veterans. Business owners are encouraged to hire vets, where possible, to give sustainable job opportunities for vets. Personnel training and guidance for homeless job seekers is also a much-needed service.

Contributions make it possible for http://www.damichigan.com/mi-homeless-vets/ to provide essential services that support the soldiers who fought for America. Let us strive to support the programs that empower our growing veteran population with the resources they require to become self-sufficient. Many veterans struggle to fit into civilian life, facing homelessness and loneliness and substance abuse without any support system. Let us be willing to help them recover and continue to live in decent conditions, with self-sustaining income or assisted care, for the disabled veterans.