Who Has the Right to Ask for a Free Legal Help

The right to free legal help is the right when an individual receives legal help that is free of charge or with partial payment of fees, at the expense of the budget of the country he lives in under the terms and procedure provided by law so that all citizens have equal access to the public authorities that are responsible for the protection of their individual rights, obligations and interests. Jeff Hershberg Law is here to make things a bit clearer.

The person who is granted the right to receive a free legal help in the form of representation or defense under the terms of this law, has the right to:

Get a lawyer without any fees fee,

The right to a full or partial cover of payment costs

The right to exemption from payment of litigation costs to the opposite side in case of loss of the dispute, in accordance to right for a legal assistance (full or partial legal help).

What has a right to obtain a free legal help?

Primary legal help is a right of users to the general legal information and initial legal advice in any legal matter, which is realized on the basis of an oral request to the provider;

    Secondary legal assistance is the user’s right to legal advice, documents and submissions, to initiate and participate in mediation, defense and representation before courts, administrative bodies and other bodies, as well as in the process of settlement of the dispute, which is realized under the conditions stipulated in this Law;

    General legal information is a general principle and guidance and information on the regulation of certain legal authorities, the manner, conditions and procedure for the exercise of individual rights or obligations of, or legally recognized interest;

    Legal advice is needed to provide a detailed explanation on the method and the possibilities of resolving certain legal issues between the people involved in the legal matter;

    The preparation includes making written submissions in which the procedure is initiated or tolerated in a particular stage of the proceedings where the individual was granted with the right to obtain legal assistance from the competent authority;

    Drawing up documents means shaping legal affairs and legal relations, which is a form prescribed by law, on the basis of the recognized right to legal aid;

    Advocacy is a set of legal actions based on the right to take legal help from a lawyer, that includes appearances before a court or other authority, in administrative proceedings, misdemeanor and enforcement proceedings;

The defense should represent the defendant in proceedings before a court or other authority in criminal or misdemeanor proceedings;
The costs of the proceedings relating to the judicial or administrative fees will be covered by the country or the city;

What are the types and forms of free legal help?

There are two main types of free legal help:

the right to primary legal help and
the right to secondary legal help, free of charge or with partial payment of fees.