10 benefits of outsourcing – onshore and offshore

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a practice that is done by business companies to deliver a quality product that is required by another business companies. Outsourcing is generally adopted by the companies to save the costs and to improve the efficiency and it is of two types – Onshore outsource and Offshore.

Benefits of Outsourcing – Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is also known as domestic outsourcing, which is the process of obtaining a service from another company of the same country. Some of the benefits of onshore outsourcing are discussed below that can be certainly considered for a better understanding of the whys and how’s of outsourcing.


In an onshore outsourcing, there is very less problem for the availability of employees. As in onshore outsourcing, the employees are from the same country but works for different organizations, it becomes easy for an organization to deliver its product in a given amount of time.


Time is also considered as one of the important factors in the business organization as these organizations are provided with certain time limits by other companies, and onshore outsourcing makes it much easier. In this, each and every employee have same time zones and there is a very less chance that the employees will be confused about the deadlines.

Location of an outsourcer

There is no doubt that a key feature of onshore outsourcing is location. It makes easy for an individual to meet their outsourcer if they are just 100’s or 1000’s miles away from their location. They also have the option to take a plane or a train to reach to their outsourcer in a very less amount of time.

Language Barriers

Working for a different company which is in the same country as the outsourcer always solves the language problems. Since being in the same country the people speak the common language of the country and this makes it much easier to communicate with the employees.

Design Culture

Besides the language barrier, there is also a benefit of designs that a company produces for other company. It can be understood in a sense that; the people of the same country are much liable to understand which is basic needs of a company and what quality type products can be delivered to other companies.

Benefits of outsourcing – Offshore outsourcing

Unlike onshore outsourcing, offshore outsourcing is hiring employees from other countries and making them work for other companies of different countries. Offshore outsourcing is a type of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) which exports the services from developed countries to the areas where there is political stability as well as lower labor cost. 


One of the important features of offshore outsourcing is that they are cost-effective means it is easy to make people work at low costs.


Reduced Risk

As the company works in a team, there is always a less risk of completion of a certain project in a given deadline as one or the other outsourcer will be available 24/7 across the world.

Business Growth

As in an onshore resource the services of a company is limited to its country only, but in the case of offshore outsourcing, the services can beneficial all over the world.

Greater Availability

Like the onshore outsourcing, offshore outsource also provides the availability of employees anytime as this outsourcing is done worldwide, one or the other outsourcer will always be available.


Offshore outsourcing also provides flexible work hour to their employees as one gas not to worry who is completing a task as these outsourcers work worldwide and there is a very less chance of deadline to be getting missed.