3 Compelling Startup Growth Hacks

If you’re new to the start-up game, you undoubtedly know how much of a challenge it can be to get noticed and begin building relationships and brand loyalty. With limited resources with which to work, it can be tough to get the extra boost you need to grow rapidly and efficiently.

Growth hacking essentially refers to finding innovative ways to achieve a goal.Creativity and innovation are often the keys to success when trying to compete as a newly formed company.

 Not all growth strategies will work for every business, which is why it is important to approach them with a “hacker” mindset: if you at first you don’t succeed, try something else. This article will explore some of the best strategies to bring in loyal customers and see your company gain some much-needed traction.

Free Value

Giving something of value at no cost to new users is a fast and effective way to increase your consumer base. If you’re having trouble finding new users, make sure you understand the importance of social media as a web marketing strategy.

Using social media to attract new users to your website and offering them something free when they get there will encourage users to spread your brand like wildfire. As for what you offer for free, this depends entirely on your business and could be anything from free tools to advice and in-depth information.

The concept is simple and as tried-and-true as it gets: providing value catches attention. Providing value at no cost will increase the reach of that attention and create momentum for growth.

Video Storytelling

According to Wyzowl statistics, 77% of consumers say they have decided to buy a product or service because of a video they watched. With video fast becoming the leading form of online content, it is clear how powerful it can be as a tool of persuasion.

Storytelling has long been a highly effective marketing strategy so it’s only logical that you should apply it to the most popular emerging trend to see the best results. Videos are shared extensively on social media and telling your brand story in a unique video is a great way to spread your message to millions of users.

Some inspiration for video storytelling:

  • Appeal to emotions without being overly sentimental
  • Take the viewer on a journey
  • Try using different styles (live action, 2D animation, infographic)
  • Build tension and be unpredictable
  • Prompt your audience to take action

Built-in sharing

If your startup has a website (and it absolutely should), you need to start implementing a content strategy as soon as possible. A high-quality user experience is the most important factor of any successful website and having exceptional content is a great way to achieve this.

However, producing remarkable content on a regular basis without it reaching its intended audience is a missed opportunity. This is why it’s important to incorporate a share function to all your website content.

With built-in sharing, your videos and articles can be shared across social media platforms with ease and bring in more valuable traffic ripe for conversion.

Final thoughts

In order to grow, you need to compel others to take the actions you want them to. A great way to start is by offering something of value for free, telling your story in a video and getting your content shared across social media.

Growth hacking means staying open to try new things and adjust accordingly when something isn’t working. While it might take you some time to find what works for your business, once you do it will feel like you’ve discovered fire.