3 Powerful Tips to Generate Sales Ready Lead

If you will happen to ask a sales executive or an executive from business development team what does a company need to sell and cross-sell more products, he will let you know that an incessant supply of qualified leads is what makes the company sales number get going. Leads are a key to the door of company’s success. A consistent supply of leads ensures that an organisation will be able to generate revenues in the coming times as well. This is extremely important as it helps in increasing the longevity of the business.

Organisations generally offer products in two main categories:

  • Business to Business a/k/a B2B
  • Business to Consumer a/k/a B2C

This article focuses on the aspects of B2C lead generation.

It should be noted that when it comes to lead generation, the focus of the marketer should not be on generating quantity as quality is the key component. There is no use of having a thousand leads with only 1% of conversion rate. If you really want to make your business successful, then you need to shift your focus towards quality B2C lead generation.

Here is a list of our top tips which will surely equip you in filtering out the prospects from the chaff.

  • Create a funnel:

Just like a funnel filters everything out and gives only the required thing, in the same manner, a marketing funnel will help you in segregating the quality leads from the host of inquiries. You can then create a database of these sales-ready leads and proper nurturing of these will surely lead to positive decisions in favour of the organisation. Design your B2C lead generation programs and apply proper filters at every step so that in the end you are able to get qualified leads.

  • Easy availability of information:

Surely, your website is one of the most trusted platforms of generating leads. If you have a clustered portal where finding anything is no less than a treasure hunt, then you will end up losing your quality prospects. To simplify things, a good idea is to present the information in an easy-to-understand manner and at places which are at a comfortable level. Doing so will be of immense help for the leads which are in the early stage.

  • Realisation of need:

Once your team gets talking with the client, this step comes into play. It is vital to convince the customer that there is an innate need and in order to cater it, he requires your product. All your focus needs to be on this stage of making the customer realise the need. Once it is done, then the customer will invariably buy your product.

B2C lead generation can look like a daunting task but some brainstorming, along with strategizing, can deliver you the required results.