5 Important Reasons Why Your Small Business Shouldn’t Use Stock Images

The Internet has made things easier to grasp, from book information to photos which is why it is easy to click around and find the right and perfect fit of a photo for your branding or signages. Although it is great to be able to quickly create the image that you want for your business’ branding, many visual content experts are dissatisfied with these.

Why? It is because those stock photos might be a huge turnoff to your audiences because, for the most part, it is impersonal. Your brand should be like your own fingerprint, unique and is personally your own. This is why using stock photos as a part of your branding does not do a good job on their own when representing your brand.

Importance of Authenticity

As what was stated beforehand, your brand should be unique and be as specific as possible to set your brand apart from the other competitors. The unique product, services, and vision should be one of a kind and your brand should reflect all. However, if you just hurriedly clicked up some photos or images at some certain websites then you’re in it for a downfall. After all, a clearly articulated and consistent authentic brand identity

This is because stock art is open to a wide range of users which people buy from its creator making it more profitable for the artist but not for an entrepreneur or businessman. Since many can access this kind of photos, your brand might get affected by making it into a generic brand, therefore, not making a strong point of view.

Loss of Connection Between Your Brand and Consumers

It was stated previously that using stock images as a part in your branding is an impersonalized thing to do. In this case, your consumers or audiences might feel detached to your brand since they will probably think of something else right away by seeing a stock image that you used for your branding.

This will take a toll on your business in the long run since your consumers might not recognize your branding, together with your products and services, at all. Thus, making you lose your brand’s connection to your consumers.

Stock Art Logos Cannot be Trademarked

When starting a business, you should know by now that a logo is your business’ visual identity which represents your business’ overall character and vision, thus it should be in your best interest that you’ll legally ensure that no other business can use your logo. This is called a trademark. However, if you use a stock image as your logo it won’t pass as a unique identifier since the same stock image is available in the market.

The second issue which is in relevance with the trademark is that it provides the owner with the legal rights which prevent the trademark unauthorized to use. However, since a stock image is sold with a license which allows use under certain pre-approved circumstances, your trademark will be affected and your business’ logo as well.

Brand Confusion

What if you and your competitor have both liked the same stock image and has incorporated it into your own respective logos? Both of your logos wouldn’t be unique anymore, and what’s worse is that one or the other may be called as copycat which will seriously damage your brand’s image and might be in for some legal actions in worst case scenario.

Additionally, consumers looking for your business might get confused because of a similar logo that you have with another competitor shop. Thus, resulting in loss of profit and customers.

Not Worthy of Your Budget

Sure, you may be able to find a stock image for free or buy it at least inexpensively, but is it really worthy of investing it into your business? buying the inexpensive stock image incorporating it into your brand is not a smart thing to do especially if it doesn’t give you the necessary benefits that you should need as a startup business and a budding entrepreneur or businessman.


These are the important reasons as to why you should not use stock images for your business since these are factors that will weaken and tarnish your brand. In addition to this, you might face lawsuits if you use stock images improperly, together with it are the negative perception from the customers which would do badly in running a business.

Lastly, keep in mind that your brand deserves and needs something better than just getting a stock image from the internet. Which is why going to a professional for your business signs such as ShieldCo Metal Signs, logos and things for branding your business is a critical and an important thing to do.