7 Key Tips for Making your Blog More SEO-Friendly

Every blogger and marketer remains in constant need for monitoring and improving their blog posts regularly. Using SEO techniques is the easiest road towards better rankings but the road is not very smooth. In order to make your blogs more SEO-friendly, follow these simple yet amazing key tips.

  1. Install plugins

There is a lot that a simple plugin can do for you to enhance the overall seo-friendliness of your blog. There are a number of plugins that can be used for the same purpose including Yoast SEO, WPSSO, Google XML sitemaps. SEO specific tools are the sure fire way to boost the overall SEO-friendliness.

  1. Create in-depth content

Search engine optimization works purely on content and no matter how much efforts you put in using different SEO techniques, if you content isn’t genuine then nothing can take your blog to the stars. Therefore, the main element of every blog must be quality content.

  1. Include outgoing links of high-quality

By linking other external blogs or websites with your ongoing blogs can undoubtedly enhance the overall traffic of a particular post. But, before choosing out any link, make sure that the particular ongoing link is able to qualify certain parameters deciding their quality. Avoid spamming links and ensure that the link you are using for your blog is relevant.

  1. Look for a theme that is SEO-friendly

In addition to the plugins, even the themes are extremely important according to the search engine optimization standards. The theme that you select for your blog must be responsive, and should stand apart in terms of speed and performance. The theme must be such that is easily understood by the bots which will help in better ranking.

  1. Strategize the use of keywords

Keyword analytics has always been the best practise in terms of search engine optimization. Make sure that you research properly for the keywords depending upon the erach volume and relevance with the blog. Choose out not more than 4-5 unique keywords for every new blog post that you plan to post.

  1. Backlinking with older posts

Backlinking is yet another practise of search engine optimization that never fails to make a difference in the blog and the rankings. Depending upon the niche of your blog, there must be similarities within the blogs that get posted and following the same thing you can link your newer blog posts with the previous ones.

  1. Tag and categorize your posts

Categorizing your blog posts depending upon the type and the category is a practise followed by most of the bloggers and marketers. This will not only help the audiences to find their desired blog according to the relevance but will also make your blog more search engine optimization friendly. 

Search Engine optimization and its techniques keep on changing and enhancing according to the engine’s standards of ranking. But, following some of the above mentioned tips can never prove to be unworthy in any case.