Small business websites

A Small Business Website Supports a Quality Digital Marketing Plans

If you keep up with business news and blogs, you hear about the importance of digital marketing plans day in and day out. Why has digital marketing become so important, and is it really necessary for a small business to have a website or can it just jump on Facebook and Yelp. Experts agree that websites still hold tremendous value to most consumers for numerous reasons. Here a few you should consider if you’re one of those small business owners who thinks that all you need is social media.

Demographics in the 21st Century

Many laugh when they think of Y2K today. People panicked because nobody knew if the world would survive once the clocks turned to midnight on Dec. 31, 1999. This might seem silly now, but it’s an excellent demonstration of how much people and businesses had become dependent on technology. The fear that computers and the modern necessities and conveniences they supported would shut down because they didn’t understand the turn of the century was real.

Nothing happened once the New Year rang in, but the 21st century brought about an even greater reliance upon technology. Over the first 17 years of the 2000s, more and more people have turned to doing everything online. Online businesses have effectively put offline businesses out of business, especially in retail, and people will not solicit any company, whether online or offline, if they haven’t researched it firsSmall business websites

Today’s most important demographic group are the Millennials. They are the largest demographic in the United States, which means they also hold the most spending power. However, they hold an even greater power than that. Today’s Millennial also influences their parents’ and grandparents’ shopping decisions, which means parents and grandparents are also researching and shopping online, and these older generations don’t trust social media alone. They want to see a professional looking website.

Digital Marketing and Websites

Small business websites play a crucial part in any digital marketing strategy for more reasons than just the demographics discussed above. Think of your online marketing approach as two-pronged: engagement and sales. You must engage an online audience and then guide them to your sales pages to seal the deal. Social media is where the engagement comes in. You want to use it to interact with your current customers and potential customers. You also want to use it to lead them to your sales pages

When you combine several social media tools, you give yourself a fantastic way to share your knowledge through blogging and videos, highlight your products and/or services through digital mediums, and interact with people interested in what you do. You also have a fantastic marketing tool that will help spread the word about your business through your followers. This is why you hear about social media so much in digital marketing plans; its outreach is phenomenal when it works.

Building a professional and user-friendly website complements your social media interaction. When you have a website to use as your sales platform, you can guide people from your social media pages to it quickly and easily through links. Once on your website, the user can learn more about your product and service, decide upon a purchase, and complete the transaction on your checkout page. The two work hand-in-hand in today’s online shopping environment, which is why you need a web page.

First impressions count, and while social media is fun and a majority of people use it, a website says you’re professional and serious about your business. Your social media is a fantastic tool to engage people and guide them to your website. Your website is where you will secure the deal. Make certain you don’t lose precious online business. Market to online consumers with an effective social media strategy and then lead them a website built for easy sales.