April 2018 Mortgage Reports

With the economy being in a great place at the moment and more people having jobs than ever before, of course, the mortgage rate is expected to rise. During April alone it has risen several points ahead than before. Despite many people having jobs, with the rate that mortgages have risen to, many cannot afford to buy a house or get into any kind of real estate at all. The mortgage industry seems to be doing too well when a regular person with a good job and pay does not have the finance to afford a house.

Both mortgage companies and loan companies such as Sun West Mortgage Company have been thriving this year. Higher mortgage rates mean fewer people being able to afford to invest in real estate without a loan. This leaves many people without any option besides taking out a loan, which isn’t exactly the best thing to do because often you are left in a lot of debt after paying for both a mortgage and paying off a loan.

Some states in the United States have lower mortgage rates and their mortgage industry isn’t as cutthroat as many other states. States with lower population tend to have better and more affordable real estate with lower mortgage rates. These also have fewer jobs that do not pay as much, however, the everyday person is more likely to be able to afford a house in these states. If you currently live in a high population state and are looking to buy a house and invest in any real estate, you might be better off moving to a state with a lower population and better mortgage rates. If you live in a state like California for example, it is nearly impossible for a normal person to buy a house there these days. For a normal person to buy a house in a state such as California with a very high and thriving mortgage industry, they would have to take out a large loan which benefits no one but the loan companies.

If you are thinking about buying a house, consider moving to a less populated state. You will find the real estate there much more affordable, sometimes half the price with half the mortgage as other states. If you have a good career or profession like engineering, or if you are a doctor, it is a very smart move. With a good career and degree, you can find a job with similar pay, but the differences in housing prices are huge.

At this point, the economy will only continue to thrive and grow, which also means the price of real estate and the finance of the mortgage industry will also grow. It is better to make a decision sooner than later if you are looking into buying a house. The area where you will be buying is a crucial feature in whether the price and the mortgage will be very high or not, and the prices will only continue to rise.