The Jovell Condo is a condo built by the renowned company The Jovell City Developments Limited which is very expert in the business property. The business is very rapidly growing, not only in Singapore but also in other countries such as Japan and Australia. The Jovell Condo is very successful because it is the latest alternative to people in having a condo. The condo is not like an apartment or real estate. In a condo, we have property rights. That’s one of the advantages we have a condo. Some other benefits we will get if we join The Jovell Condo. This condo is located on Plot J Flora Road which is a strategic place and close to public places like Changi Jewel and Changi airport. In addition, The Jovell Condo has some facilities unlike other condos located in the same area.

The Jovell

Is The Jovell’s Quality Worth the Price?

Speaking of quality, The Jovell condo is not inferior to other condo qualities. What’s more, The Jovell was built by Hong Leong Holdings who has built more than 100 resident properties. Surely they built The Jovell Condo with high quality. In addition, the price offered by The Jovell Condo is also quite affordable. The price is relatively cheap considering The Jovell Condo has various facilities to complete your residential complex. Just imagine! Which is better, condo, apartment, or real estate? Apartments and real estate are not equipped with some facilities such as tennis court or swimming pool. For that, The Jovel Condo is the best.

What Buildings Are Located Around the Jovell?

Lifestyle became the main focus of this modern society. they love to display a luxurious lifestyle and modern. Then, what if you live in a condo or apartment away from the city center or shopping center? This will definitely be your fear. At The Jovell, you need not be afraid to go to the city center or the shopping center because The Jovell is located near some public places like:

  • Changi Jewel
  • Changi Airport
  • Tampines East MRT Station
  • Upper Changi MRT Station
  • Tampines Interchange
  • Century Square