Blake Goldring, the popular entrepreneur

Blake Goldring full name is Blake Charles Goldring who is one of the business leader, rich entrepreneur and philanthropist of Canada. He is also the renowned chief executive officer, chairman of the AGF management LTD which is the independent management firm that is based in Canada and serves the institutional as well as the retail investors around since the year 1957. It is only under the great leadership of Goldring only, the company called as AGF has grown exceptionally its assets in the year 2015. Apart from being the chairman of AGF, he even founded one of the popular organizations which is non-partisan and termed as the many ways to serve in the year 2006 for bringing together the community leaders around Canada for supporting families and military of Canadian.

Have a look on the early life of Blake goldring

He was the second eldest child of his parents. He went to Victorial College for this graduation and did economics. As soon as he reached his fourth year he soon turned as the Vice president of AIESEC at national level. After the same appointment, he was then taken to the University of McGIll for fulfilling all the duties as the president and completing the degree of undergraduate.  He further pursued his graduate studies at the INSEAD located at France where he started earning the MBA. If you will have a look on his early life and education you will find that he has attained several notable positions from the FICB to CFA, honor doctors of the law degree and others.

More wings to his success

He further graduated from the INSEAD and joined there in the BMO where he worked in banking which is international and switched to corporate banking that was located in the Toronto. Blake goldring turned as the chief executive officer in the year 2006 of AGF. He even looked after the NCL investments into the Smith & the Williamson which is in London and known as the wealth management company in year 2002. Being the chief executive officer as well as the chairman, he led to development of different platforms at the AGF for expanding firm client base in order to include the high end net worth of investors and for diversifying them from their origins of mutual funds.

These platforms included the,

  • Investment management
  • Retail
  • Private client
  • Institutional

Endless associations with notable organizations and even with Canadian army

Additionally it even reinforced the roster of the portfolios offering as the innovator in development of solutions which are sustainable investments environmentally. Blake goldring also got associated with Canada royal regiment in year 1996. In the year 2005, he was further made as the Major general and accepted post or held role of the honorary colonel from year 2006 till 2011. He was also known for the constant support of army of Canada and then appointed as the prime honorary colonel of the same army. His appointment got extended till the year 2017.