custom manufacturing company that specializes in rubber molding and cast polyurethane

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It is Polyurethane that is used in a variety of applications due to its resiliency & scrapes properties. There are numerous of industries that are helping people to have the best designs from their scrape. But the best company that is popular for their work in custom manufacturing company that specializes in rubber molding and cast polyurethane is Poly-tek. This company is having capabilities for both injection-molded polyurethane products using mill able urethane, as well as the more classic cast urethane process. In rubber injection molding they are using advance machines with well experienced engineers. The machines help Poly-tek to make unique designs from any kind of rubber scrape. The machine helps reducing the cycle times. Thus, the price that they are providing is less than from any other company. The quality is best.

This company is having their own reliable website that is In this site you can see the work that they have done. In this site you can learn how company specializing in rubber injection molding. The process provides the most accurate and controlled method of molding rubber and silicone parts. The company ensures accurate results for each part manufactured.


They are having highly automated process that allows for short run rubber molding of parts that can be provided on-demand with short lead. Along with this machine the company has urethane mixing machines coupled with their large post-cure ovens allow us to efficiently manufacture a multitude of cast urethane parts. You can trust this company because it is certified. It is ISO/TS 16949 Company with a long history of meeting previous ISO/TS quality standards.

All over the globe it is TS 16949 that is the leading international standard for Quality Management Systems for the automotive industry. There is no other automotive industry that is certified with this quality management system. On their website, you can see the TS 16949 on the very first page. In their site you are able to see all the products that they are making. You can book any product that you need. This website helps you saving time as well as money. You are also getting discount on many products. The shipping and delivery to your doorsteps is also for free. This is the time to save money. You can book any product that is suitable for you. You are getting guarantee on each product that you are going to buy from this site.