Click and Snap On Torque Wrench

Difference Between Click and Snap On Torque Wrench

Among different types of torque wrenches, click and snap on torque wrenches are widely used. While a click torque wrench helps in setting the desired torque, a snap on torque wrench helps in regulating torque pressure. Both the torque wrenches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The click torque wrench cannot exceed the preset limit while the snap on torque wrench has a beep signal system that goes off when the desired torque is achieved. If you want to know how to buy the best torque wrench, you have to go through the buyer’s guide provided on ToolsDuty.

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Pros and Cons Of A Click Torque Wrench

Advantage- A click torque wrench is a perfect tool for fastening anything tightly. You can use the same for vehicle’s wheels, motorbikes, machinery and large equipment. It lets you set the desired torque level beforehand and it is nearly impossible for the wrench to overtake the limit set. It is highly useful when you are working in a confined space. There is no need for overstraining to ensure the desired torque level because you will hear the click sound automatically when the level is reached. When it comes to prices, a click torque wrench is available at a cheaper rate than a snap on torque wrench.

Disadvantage – It is not a flexible torque wrench which means you have to spend a lot of time adjusting and setting the desired torque levels. A work that requires extremely higher torque, the wrench is not suitable as you make the process very laborious and tiresome. If the click feature gets jammed, it becomes very difficult to operate and most of the time, you will cross the limit and damage the fastener head. There are more moving components which will add to more wear and tear. You need do frequent lubrication and if it drops by mistake, the precision can get affected. If you want to know more about torque wrench and buy the best one, go through buying guide.

Pros and Cons Of A Snap On Torque Wrench

Advantage – Snap-on torque wrench is known for its efficiency and productivity. They have a digital display that shows the torque level constantly. A beep sound system is there that is emitted when the desired torque level is achieved. In comparison to a click sound, it is more distinguishable. There are few moving components and hence, the wear and tear will be the least. It is very less maintenance and the calibration stays intact for a longer duration of time than a click torque wrench.

Disadvantage – One of the reasons why some people settle with click torque wrench is because the price of snap on torque wrench is quite high. Furthermore, they use batteries to show digital display and there is no way to detect whether the battery is running low or not. In case it ends up while working, the work will be stopped and during low battery stage, inaccurate readings can be shown.

If you need more precision and accuracy, you need to opt for snap on torque wrench but if your budget is low, click torque is better for you.