Different Types of Storage Silos for Plastic & Foods are Available in The Manufactures Store?

Though people have a wide choice of grain storage methods, still steel silos, concrete silos, bag silos, and storage silos for food and plastics are most popular ranges. In this article, you will get to know about the differences between steel silos and concrete silos. Manufacturers of storage silos for plastics and food will explain key differences between silos made of steel and concrete. Let’s check out which one is better for storage and worth investing.

Companies more often ask their clients about the types of storage system they are looking for. Warehouse, concrete, or steel ones; which one is the best to store foods and plastics? To answer them, we are sharing key differences between concrete and steel silos in this post.

Production process

All steel silo components are crafted in the unit and thus, the quality can be completely controlled, whereas concrete silos contain more variables like concrete delivery and weather. If you want the concrete silo, you must know that the useful life of concrete before use is less than 2-3 hours. After the time, it starts losing the optimal characteristics it carries.


Concrete silos are much taller than steel ones and also have bigger diameters that provide the highest capacity. This feature of concrete silo makes it suitable for customers having limited space.

You can easily erect steel silos and install accessories, such as ladders, doors, samplers, etc.

Steel silo is reliable and stronger as it can withstand major earthquakes, whereas concrete silo is at risk and can be cracked if the quality of concrete is poor.

However, both the silos are airtight if they are properly sealed.

Coming to price, steel silos offer more storage capacity per dollar. These are more cost-effective due to higher storage capacity as compared to concrete ones.

Air blasters- A well-known cleaning method

Low friction linings- it is silent but expensive to install. This is prone to erosion that can further contaminate the product or environment.

Acoustic cleaner- it is the latest and safest way to clean storage silos for plastics, grains and other materials. These systems are non-invasive and do not need silos to be emptied.

Techno Designs offer brilliant storage silos for grains, plastics and other materials. You can anytime call or mail the support desk and share your requirements.

You can consider a few silo cleaning companies and pick the one with good prior experience.

What are the advantages of using steel silos over cement silos?

There are numerous advantages of using steel silos for storing grains and plastic. The entire list is below-

It lies in the occupied ground surface. Steel silos consume less space.

It is easy to keep the optimum storage conditions for grains, plastic, and other things, by controlling the insects, temperature, birds, mould, and humidity.

Silos manufacturer India has just made you clear about steel silos and concrete silos. For more info, you can browse some articles online.