Discover the Best Online Trading Terminal

As an independent broker-dealer or a small trading firm, your software choices are often limited by price considerations, so it can be very hard to compete with top trading companies. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Today we want to present you with an ideal solution for the next generation of online traders. The ETNA trader is an affordable online trading platform, that is sufficiently advanced to handle the most complex operations, yet intuitive enough to be used by almost anyone. This platform works as a trading browser and it can be used on dozens or screens and it adapts to any type of display, moreover, its interface can be easily customized and the platform uses a powerful open API that allows you to work with your favorite third party trading apps.


Take a look at the following advantages to see exactly why ETNA is one of the best trading terminals:

Highly customizable

First of all, ETNA is a white label platform, so you can customize the interface with your logo, a preferred theme, and a personalized setup to match the platform to the identity of your business. For an organized trading environment, you can create trading groups or sub-instances. Moreover, the platform features an easy to use Widget Designer, which combined with the open API, allows you to connect to third party trading tools and design your own custom dashboards and widgets. This way, you can create the best trading experience for your traders.

Mobile friendly

Being constantly connected to your trading platform is a great way to have a competitive advantage in the trading world. ETNA has a wide range of Android and iOS apps suitable for most mobile devices, even the iWatch. This way, you can remain in control of your trading activities from anywhere in the world. Needless to say, all apps are synced in real time with the main trading platform.


Full control of your brokerage business

The ETNA trader features a wide range of pre-integrated connections that guarantee a state of the art trading experience. However, you can also choose your preferred partners data and clearing and execution venues, and you don’t have to worry about integrations or certifications as ETNA’s support team will do all the legwork for you. Furthermore, the trader features a centralized user management module with a state of the art cloud back office which lets you supervise and control every aspect of your business, from anywhere in the world. This way, you can easily automate various operations such as editing and placing orders for traders, setting trading permissions or changing user margin requirements.

Efficient simulations

To constantly improve your trading strategy, you will have to test various ideas, and you can easily do this with ETNA’s trading simulator. This tool also helps you train your traders and even launch online trading competitions.

Main features

As we already mentioned, the ETNA trader is packed with the most advanced trading features, including:

  • Advanced live streaming charts with both built-in and customizable indicators
  • Level II market depth that gives you the opportunity to trade directly from the order book and customize your information columns
  • Direct market access for routing orders to several venues
  • Trading options consisting in multi-leg options for complex strategies and customizable options chain layout
  • Order types with custom orders for specific client requirements
  • Multi-Asset trading from stocks, to options and futures with the option of adding assed classes according to client requirements
  • Powerful risk management system that lets you define priority issues and receive real time alerts
  • Customizable interface that lets you change everything from the colors to the order to the elements on a dynamic platform.

As you can see, the ETNA trader gives you everything you need to perform your trading operations in a safe and efficient manner. If you are still not convinced, we advise you to try at least a DEMO version to get a glimpse of the trader’s capabilities.