EfratPeled-The Lady Managing A Billion Dollar Business

EfratPeled-The Lady Managing A Billion Dollar Business

EfratPeled was born in the year 1974 in Israel. The lady now has the post of CEO of the company Arison Investment and CEO of SAFO. She is a lady who manages such big businesses whose turnover is estimated in billion dollars. She is known as one of the powerful women in the world who holds a lot of financial power as she manages the billion dollar companies. Apart from managing the two businesses in Israel and the United States she also is among the members of the leading salt manufacturing company operating in Israel and a company aimed at improving the distribution of water to improve its efficiency and ensure the less wastage of water.

How did Peled get into the world of business?

Peled did bachelors in accounting and economics from a university in Israel and completed her post-graduation from the same university in the management of the real estate, and she is a certified public accountant. Peled then did an international program and got an executive masters degree in the field of business administration. After completing, this Peled specialized at KPMG one of the largest accounting company at the global level.

Efrat Peled

After completing her studies and training at the top accounting companies, she started getting employed and that too, at very high posts. At first, she was appointed at the post of managing the finances of the company. A lot of companies offered her jobs of CFO and CEO at their companies. In 2004 she was granted the post of CEO in the SAFO company of the United States. And then in 2006, the Arison Investments took her as the company’s CEO.

How was peled’s contribution to one of the top companies in the market?

EfratPeled contributed very well in the companies which took her as the chairman and head of the management departments. She was able to take the companies to different heights in her leadership. Also, in her leadership at Arison Investments,Peled managed to make many international tie-ups with the top companies of the world.

What are the major accomplishments of Peled?

Peled, throughout her whole career, has received many accomplishments, namely:

  • Forbes, an American magazine, has ranked her in the top 10 most powerful women in the world.
  • Fortune, an American magazine, has also ranked ElfratPeled in the top 50 most powerful women.
  • Peled was honoured as the executive of the year In the year 2012 for her contribution in the field of business by the Stevie International Business Awards.

Efrat Peled has received many such awards and achievements for her management skills in the business and that’s why this lady is the most powerful women in Israel.