Essential Equipment for the Modern Farmer

The farming industry has changed in the past few decades, and with modern machinery and the many attachments, manual labour has been reduced to a minimum. Labourers have been replaced by machines, and there isn’t a farming task that cannot be handled by a machine, and even milking the cows can be done using special equipment.

Labour Saving Devices

While the modern farmer doesn’t have to hire many workers, he does have to make a considerable investment in machinery, and often, a used machine is a better option, especially if it is in good working order. If a farmer wanted agricultural machinery in Lincolnshire, for example, there are online suppliers who have a wide range of tractors and attachment, both new and used.

The Tractor

The very workhorse of any farm, the tractor can handle a multitude of tasks, using the many attachments available. Ploughing, planting and levelling can all be completed, and there are also grass cutting attachments, which allow the farmer to keep grassed areas under control. Most farmers would outsource the maintenance of all heavy machinery, and with an annual contract, they can make an emergency call and someone would arrive within a short time to repair the machinery. JCB is the first choice for most farmers, as their machines are the best quality, and with a wide range of vehicles from small to large, there will be something just right.

Tractor Attachments

A lot of thought has gone into designing tractor attachments to save the farmer time, and with bale forks and grabs, heavy work takes no time at all. Muck grabs make cleaning out the cowshed a simple task, and with a huge range of agricultural devices that easily connect to the tractor, there isn’t a job that can’t be completed with an attachment.


Traditionally the job for a couple of oxen, today, the farmer can plough acres of land in a single day, using his tractor and the right attachment. This is perhaps the most important piece of machinery for the crop farmer, and even a large spread can be prepared in just a few days, if you have the right equipment.

Front Loaders

These are essential for many farming tasks, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes, all of which are easily attached to the tractor, and the farmer would choose the unit that best suits his needs. This device really helps with loading and unloading, and the attachments are built with safety in mind, and enable the farmer to quickly carry out essential tasks.


There are specific harvester attachments that take the hard work out of crop harvesting, and while a large farm might have a combine harvester, smaller spreads would typically hire on when the crop is ready, as these machines are very expensive and might be out of reach for a small farm.

If you have a farm and are looking for heavy equipment, there are reputable online suppliers of both new and used devices, and with an online search, you will soon find exactly what you are looking for.