Every Company’s HR Needs this Policy

Consumers can trust every company that works hard to keep its workplace drug free. This has made drug testing a critical part of the hiring process year in year out. Background screening and drug testing are becoming rampant because workplace drug abuse has a direct impact on the business of the employer. These policy measures are necessary for both the employer and the employee if productivity has to remain optimal. Job seekers are also subject to these policies to ensure the copy only gets the best people focused on what will earn the company or good business revenue as well as maintain their good reputation.

However, some people might wonder why a drug policy is important in a company. As an employer, you do not need to employ a person only to release they are addicted to drugs, then bear the cost of sending them to Fort Myers rehab for treatment. This policy helps in averting any possibility of drug-related scuffles and in some extreme cases, death. These are the reasons why every HR needs to have this policy:

It is easy to formulate

Workplace drug testing is necessary for any business, and there are many options. Every policy ought to be in writing and communicated to all employees. It is as simple as incorporating as a drug-free provision in every employer’s handbook. You have to state unlawful consuming, distributing, possessing, selling of any uncontrolled substance is prohibited in your company. It is against the rules of the company to be found under the influence of any uncontrolled substance, and anyone found culpable will face disciplinary action or summary dismissal.

This policy reduces workplace injuries

If you communicate clear rules and consequences of drug use during work hours or within the company premises, chances of work-related injuries are averted.

It improves productivity

Employees struggling with alcohol or other drugs tend to run late or miss work. Others are likely to change employees now and then. If you have a drug free policy in your company, these cases are never happening, and your employees will render their maximum productivity.

It shows employees that you care

With a drug-free workplace program, you are sending a message to the employees that you care about their health and safety. It shows you are illustrious enough to provide helpful resources such as names of addiction treatment centers, hotline numbers and so on. The employees will see that you are committed to helping them improve their lives.

If you save the overall costs, you improve the bottom line

This helps in boosting the morale of your employees, emotional stability, and creativity. The drug-free workplace program is essential in reducing absenteeism, worker’s compensation filings, and increases productivity.

What goes into a drug-free policy?

As earlier stated, a drug-free policy has to be written and should involve educating the employees on alcohol and drugs, supervisor training and conducting random drug tests. The idea of a drug-free workplace was initially designed to enhance the state of business owners who intended to create a drug-free environment for their workers. It has been adopted by many unions who utilized it to ensure members underwent thorough drug testing.

If you want to protect your business as well as employees, a drug-free policy is necessary to hold everyone in the same standards.