Every Step of Personal Banking That You Will Need to Know

An account is opened for the management of the client’s funds. After that, the money is credited to it written off and also given out in the presence of payment orders in accordance with the instructions of the account holder. Banking services provide individuals with a card when opening an account. Opening an account without the issue of a card is also possible. But a card without an account is not valid.

The Card Issue

In Personal Banking the cards are issued mainly for the receipt of wages, pensions, social payments. It is used as a tool for managing borrowed funds. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that they are always personal. But it is not so. On the plastic cards, there can be only a number and date that determines the period of its use. Those wishing to have a personalized card with a personal photo and an additional package of services will have to deposit the amount in accordance with the price list. The price of such a debit card can reach several thousand dollars a year.


In additional bonuses, the return of a portion of the funds is offered to a special account. It is offered to those who pay with a card in the affiliate trading network. Privileges can be very different. Debit cards are common. They only store personal funds of owners. They are issued for a fee or without it. The only thing that is paid by the client is a commission for withdrawing funds or replenishing the account with cash through the terminal, but it is minimal. It is practicable to issue several cards for managing one account.

One-time transfers

If there was a need to transfer money, without opening an account, the bank will gladly render service. As in all other cases, the employee of the bank will ask for the passport data of the sender and the recipient. The rate of transfer of funds can be from several hours to several days. If the money is transferred from the card to the card, the “client-bank” system will conduct the procedure in a matter of seconds, when it comes to intra-bank transfer.

The output is the use of a terminal, through which it is possible to deposit funds into the account almost instantly, knowing the requisites or the number of the recipient’s plastic card. All transfers between legal entities are necessarily made when there are accounts. Actively it is used as “client-bank”, but without a paper, payment order cannot do.

Settlement and cash

The main activity of banks is the settlement and cash services (CAS) of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. CAS is a portfolio of services for moving, storing, registering the movement of money. Settlement and cash services can be carried out separately or in a complex manner.

To settlement operations in Personal Banking carry remittances, write-offs, maintenance of remote access systems is important. Cash service means reception and delivery of cash, acceptance of cash payments, exchange of money, exchange of unusable banknotes. Also to the settlement and cash services include the provision of statements, the issuance of certificates, and the provision of accounting documents.