Car Insurance

Factors to Consider When Obtaining Car Insurance

Owning and driving a vehicle was once something that only the rich could afford to do.  However, time has progressed and it is now an essential item for most households.  In fact many homes have more than one vehicle parked in their drive.  The car is used to get you to work, your children to school and even to go for pleasure outings.  The range of vehicles on the road is impressive as is the choice; from tiny to truck sized; you can have any vehicle you choose.  But, one thing that is consistent from country to country, regardless of your choice of vehicle, is insurance.

Contacting Murphy Insurance Agency before you take out an insurance policy is an important way of comparing your costs and ensuring you have the best possible cover for your vehicle at the right price.  The following points should all be considered whilst you look for your insurance policy:

Companies the Broker Deals with

If you are looking to obtain a quote through a broker or even a comparison website you must look at the number of different insurance companies the broker is connected with.  The greater the number the better the range of quotes you will receive and the more likely it is that you will get a great deal on your car insurance.  There are some firms which do not operate through a broker and you may wish to consider obtaining quotes from them.  Unfortunately applying to each insurance company is exceptionally time consuming.


It is important to evaluate the reputation of both the broker and the insurance company they are recommending.  Some policies are exceptionally cheap but provide very little real cover.  You can often find the mid price range policies offer much more for the money.

Car Insurance

The simplest way of verifying the reputation of any business is to speak to family and friends and then consult the internet.  There will undoubtedly be some comments posted on social media sites.  Of course you will need to ensure that the comments are genuine and not fake or malicious.


Cost is an important part of car insurance.  After all, no one wants to pay more than they have to for a policy.  However, the cost of the policy must be weighed against what the policy is offering you.  It is essential to study the terms and conditions of each policy to ensure the one you are taking out covers everything you need it to.  Some policies will only cover damage to other vehicles whilst others will protect your car and pay for it to be repaired; or even replaced if it is unviable to repair.

Other Vehicles or Insurances

Finally it is always worth considering what other vehicles you have and even if you have household insurance.  Multi vehicle policies can be offered with a substantial discount; you may even get an additional discount against any other policies you have with the broker; such as your home insurance.  This is an important factor as it can provide you with a significant indirect saving.