FidentiaX for Transparent and Secure Insurance Policy Exchange

FidentiaX remains a leading marketplace for buying and selling insurance policies. In fact, it is the first marketplace for tradable insurance policy today and partnering with this platform will turn out to be a profitable partnership.

They have the vision to create a market for insurance policies, and it has become a unique repository of various insurance policies for virtually anyone that wants to take insurance buying and selling to the next level. FidentiaX leverages blockchain technology, which is just one of the many features that set the platform apart from the crowd out there.

Professional expertise

The professionals on this platform have one of the best expertise you can ever find in the insurance world.  Their professionalism has earned the outlet several awards over the years, making it the winner for the Emerging Tech Solution Providers for 2018, a prestigious award from CIO Advisor.

The professionals at FidentiaX have put in several years in the insurance industry, and this is one of the factors that transform the platform into the best marketplace for a tradable insurance policy.

Buying and selling made easy

The professionalism available at FidentiaX has transformed them to the best place for buying and selling insurance policies. The professionals have honed their expertise over the years, and have developed a unique understanding of the needs of the clients in the insurance world. Consequently, they can put the end user in 100% control of his price when he wants to sell or surrender his insurance policies. The client is at the center stage, which is why everything about this platform is built around the client to ensure consistent comfort.

Additionally, the platform is easy to navigate, and even a newbie can buy and sell tradable insurance policy without any special assistance from any of the well-trained and attentive customer care agents at FidentiaX.

Do you want to grow your investment? You are welcome at FidentiaX where you can add more insurance policies to the existing one. On this platform, you can add a new asset class into your investment portfolio at an acceptable price.

Best insurance policy management

Aside from offering you top-notch services when you want to buy or sell insurance policies, you can equally trust in FidentiaX to manage the purchased insurance policy.  They can help you to store the new and old assets and help you to keep track of all your systems right online so that you can access them anywhere you go, provided there is internet service in that location.

They help to summarize every insurance policy in your portfolio so that you can understand and assess each of them without any professional assistance.  This outlet for tradable insurance policy creates a FidentiaX online ledger for each of their clients for easy assessment and monitoring of insurance policies held by that particular client.

Best service ever

Several factors make FidentiaX the best platform for a tradable insurance policy, and these factors are highlighted below:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency regarding real-time pricing and quotations
  • High-level security, thanks to the blockchain technology adopted on the platform.
  • Fair return and low risk; the return can go as high as 4% per annum.