Get to Know About Shipping Boxes and Other Related Materials

When you move from one place to the other then you also must ship your personal belongings and household item to your new destination. Shipping so many items is a huge task and sometimes it certainly requires professional help. However, with the easy availability of several types of shipping boxes, one can conveniently pack the items and hire a transport company to ship the boxes.

When it comes to purchasing these boxes, you should not just buy impulsively. You must be aware about their functionality, built quality, etc. During the phase of transportation, the items packed inside these boxes should remain intact and in proper order. This is even more important if the items inside are fragile in nature. Likewise, the items should be packed in a way to prevent any kind of damage to the other contents in the box as well. From packing, electronic items to perishable or food items, everything should be done in a well-planned manner.

Knowing About the Various Shipping Boxes

When we talk about the distinct types of shipping materials then they can be categorized as- boxes, cushioning, sealing, and envelopes. These four materials work together to ensure the safety of the items during the process of transportation. So, let us try to understand a little more about them.

  • Boxes and Envelopes– These are the containers that are used for shipping items. When it comes to choosing the right size of a shipping box, it is important to keep in mind that the size of the box should be only a little larger than the article you want to ship. The extra room inside the box should be only for cushioning. If you choose a box which is quite larger in size then the item might get damaged because of movement and collision with other items in the box during the shipping process. Cardboard is the most common material which is used for manufacturing these boxes. Apart from the size of the boxes, the other aspect you need to factor is their physical condition. It is true that the shipping boxescan be recycled, and there are many suppliers that provide used boxes at discounted price. But, do not spend your money on the over-used boxes. For mild and medium quality range, you can consider cardboard made boxes. But, if you want extra protection and toughness then you can opt for corrugated fibreboard. These boxes are tough and durable. Coming to the envelopes, they can be either padded or unpadded.

  • Cushioning– This material adds a lot of protection to the items inside the shipping box. Hence, cushioning is essential when it comes to shipping fragile items. In this regard, you can wrap the fragile items using a bubble wrap. Once wrapped, you can place the same in foam peanuts. The thickness of the cushioning material should be around three inches.
  • Sealing– For sealing, one can make use of plastic tape featuring pressure-sensitive property. You can also consider using nylon-reinforced tapes. Cellophane or masking tape should not be used. Sealing should be done after ensuring that the contents inside are packed with appropriate tightness.

Selecting the Right Supplier

Nowadays, there is no dearth of companies that sell shipping boxes at affordable rates. You can choose from four major types of boxes; which are- standard box, wardrobe box, picture box, and dish pack box. The supplier of these boxes should have a good reputation in the online market. Hence, checking out the online reviews and testimonials is essential.

In addition, you should also ask for a sample before placing an order. It will provide you a better idea of their product quality. Price comparison is also a major aspect that should be considered.