How Adding A Life Insurance Policy Can Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

How Adding A Life Insurance Policy Can Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

For the first time in the world’s history, we have a safe and trustless marketplace for insurance policies. Selling under the brand name Fidentiax, this blockchain-powered marketplace targets both insurance policyholders and buyers. It enables policyholders to monetize their policies and policy buyers to build their investment portfolio. If you desire to diversify your Singapore insurance portfolio, it’s good to know the benefits of buying insurance policies.

The Value Of Life Insurance Is Stable

The value of life insurance policies doesn’t change with the change in the economy. It doesn’t change when the state of the stock market changes for worse. That clearly means that the value of your death benefit is guaranteed. In short, when you die your beneficiaries will be given an amount equaling the value of your policy.


A life insurance can be easily and safely cashed out via the Fidentiax marketplace. For those who don’t want to cash their insurance policies, they are assured that their beneficiaries will enough liquid cash once they pass away. Life insurance policy benefits are often paid in cash so you can be sure that when you die your loved ones will have enough money to sustain them for some time even in your absence.

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Comes With Tax-Free Benefits

As a life insurance policyholder, you don’t pay a tax for your insurance policy cash values. Your cash values will, therefore, grow untaxed until maturity. The life insurance cash benefits are as well tax-free. If you properly structure the properties linked to such an insurance policy, the benefits will be offered free of taxation. So, when you decide to diversify your Singapore insurance portfolio by adding a life insurance policy to your investment portfolio, you are assured of enjoying tax-free cash out benefits.

Offers Predictable Value

Tradable insurance policies often earn cash value after the predetermined maturity purity. Their value is often predictable considering you have full details the amount you save and the amount you will have accumulated after the predicted period. This clearly means that when you add a life insurance policy into your investment portfolio, you can monitor your investments and plan your investments as you will know the amount you will get one your policy plan matures.

Insurance Policy Assets Are Easy To Distribute

Unlike other investments that can pose a great challenge when it comes to distributing assets to the right heirs, insurance assets don’t offer such a challenge. If properly willed and planned for, distributing the assets to your desired beneficiaries will be a very simple exercise. Thus, if you are considering diversifying your investments by adding an insurance policy to your investment portfolio, you shouldn’t worry about your desired beneficiaries not getting their promised assets and benefits as promised.