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How to Find Awesome Content Writers?

Let’s begin with a simple question: Do awesome content writers actually exist? The general feeling is, they do. Those writers who have been regularly contributing to the major online sites like,,,, and, to name a few, and have over the years, earned a reputation of being experts in their respective fields may be called awesome. It’s the quality of their work, ability to promptly meet deadlines and profound knowledge on their subject that sets them apart. They are often referred to as five star writers and it is a matter of pride for many sites for which they write.

Anyone who’s on the lookout for good content will obviously prefer the “awesome content writer.” The moot point is: How do you locate them? Start by carefully going through all the major content creation sites and you will find that all of them have a list of writers they consider “excellent,” “most reliable,” “top notch,” “most preferred” or “verified writer,” as Contentmart calls them.

Most of these writers also have published portfolios of their work which you can scrutinize and decide for yourself on their quality. Should you find a niche writer who fits your requirement well, you can take a call right there. However, do remember that such writers come for a price and you have to pay them to get quality work. After all, you are paying someone who will give considerable time to research and deliver a free-flowing and extremely informative article that will attract leads and boost sales.

Content Writing

It goes without saying that these so called “awesome writers” are absolutely passionate about their work and it shows also. In this era when digital marketing is beginning to make its mark, many writers have created outstanding Web campaigns and may be safely hired for your digital marketing needs. If you have a particular niche for which you require articles, hire a writer who focuses and writes only in that niche. After short listing a few names, ask them to submit at least 10 to 15 samples of their previous work in that particular niche so that you can judge his abilities well before zeroing in on him. Here, the thumb rule to be remembered is that anyone who submits 4-5 articles may not be the expert you are looking for.

Another potential source for awesome writers is Linkedin where some really experienced and knowledgeable people with a flair for writing try and construct their portfolio and display their work history. They are often happy to pen pieces for you at discounted rates or even for free to build up a suitable online profile. The greatest advantage of this option is that English speakers can be hired and have acquired degrees or diplomas from renowned academic institutions with years of work experience behind them also.

Facebook groups are yet another source that helps locate excellent writers and experts belonging to each group. Often people with common interests bond and from groups, offering writing services on highly specialized issues that many notable content creation sites may not be able to offer.  The rates for top influencers, however, vary between $20 and $150 for 100 words by average industry standards.