How To Hire The Best Cleaner For Your Office Premises

Having a neat and clean work environment for your employees can play a major role in your business’ productivity. Beyond just providing neat surroundings, it can also bring out their full potential. Everyone benefits from a clean environment.

It is thus essential to hire the best cleaner for your company office. They will ensure that the place is tidy and hygienic. Luckily, we’ve gathered top tips in this guide for hiring the best cleaner and helping them help you enjoy a neat and clean office.

Arrange a Meeting Before The Cleaning

This is a very important step. It is during this meeting that you can make arrangements for the cleaning scheduleand costs. Meeting with them in person or even over the phone will let you get a feeling for their business. It will also provide your cleaner to learn exactly what your cleaning project entails. To ensure that everyone is on the same page it is fundamental that you arrange this sort of meeting.

Ask ForReferences

Another important step to finding the right office cleaner is asking for their references. If the cleaner has been working in the field for quite some time they will be able to provide several references. These references will provide you with a clear idea of their past experience. This experience can also help boost the trust of the office staff towards the cleaner as well.

Inquire About Cleaning Products

There are two potential ways you may attain these cleaning products. First, you can supply them yourself or second your cleaner could bring them. If you supply them yourself you may be able to save money. However, this is not always the case as cleaners can often source their cleaning products wholesale from distributors. No matter which option you choose, be sure that the cleaning products are up to your standards. For instance, if you are taking on an environmentally friendly initiative in your office, then make sure the cleaning products are also environmentally friendly.

Discuss Costs

Usually, during the initial meeting, the budget is decided. Yet, you should also discuss how the cleaner determines their rates. Do they charge hourly, daily, weekly or per project? Then you should also agree upon a payment schedule. Will they be paid for each cleaning or if they are a daily worker will you pay them every two weeks.

Provide Weekly Feedback

Feedback is the main way that you can ensure the cleaning is up to your standards. It also ensures everyone is on the same page and that the cleaner knows that is expected of them. Weekly feedback keeps everyone happy.