How to improve your organic search game

Custom printed tape is an increasingly popular item companies are looking to use. They are recognizing the added value it brings to their companies. But the question remains how do customers find your company and your solutions? If someone never heard of your brand before, how could your customers possibly find you in this age of information overload?

One of these ways is through organic search. Many people are turning to search engines to find solutions to their problems. On the search engine result page, there is a paid section for companies who find it too time consuming or overwhelming to even consider ranking for organic. But there is a clear indication on searches that is paid or not due to a small icon next to the result.

For those who want to rank organically, it is going to take awhile to do so depending on how long your website has been around, the number of competitors in the space along with other variables. If you want to know the latest factors in order to be at the top of search, look into the latest SEMRush study.

One of the best ways to rank high on organic is to have a strong number of people visiting your website directly. As in going straight to your site without the need to search for it or with the use of other sites. Also the longer they spend on your site the better. The average user visits 3 different webpages once they find a site on search.

Since referring domains and backlinks are important components to have for a site to rank high, those are things that should be achieved through time. Therefore the older a site is, the more likely they have been mentioned in articles and social sites. In addition, if a new company tries to take this project on, Google has triggers in place to get warned in case they do this too fast. Link building takes time but it will be worth the wait once you see your site ranking for important keywords on the first search engine result page.

Also the more searches you get from various locations as in different IP addresses, the better it is for your site. It means there are multiple people searching for your site from various places who are interested in your product. Other things to consider are the length of your content especially on the first page as well as if your site is secure through HTTPS.