Identification Wristbands Are Ideal “Jewellery” for Festivals and Events

Whether they are made of plastic or fabric, wristbands are ideal adornments for events. In fact, some people collect wristbands from the various festivals or events that they attend. You can use these wrist identifiers as tickets for a multi-day event or festival.

Send Out Wristbands for Your Planned Gathering

If you have yet not purchased wristbands for your event, you need to reconsider their use. Wristbands have too many advantages associated with them to bypass them. Because events highly engage their audiences, a wristband is a way to further underscore the occasion. In fact, you can send out wristbands in advance, creating even more anticipation and excitement for a planned gathering.

Woven and Colourful Wristbands

Woven wristbands, in particular, are the type of memorabilia that will keep people coming back to an event or festival year after year. After an event or festival ends, the recipient can use the wristband as a keychain or even sew it on his or her apparel.

Plastic Snap-Lock Wristbands

If you use tickets instead of wristbands, they can be lost during a festival or event. However, a wristband stays intact. For example, plastic snap-lock wristbands are both durable and secure. You can use this type of adornment for events that last one to five days. Made of a non-stretch and bi-laminate material, these particular wristbands promise not to tear.

Plus, you will find these wristbands exceptionally water-resistant. The permanent snap closure on the product can also be adapted to fit any size wrist. In addition, the snap closure makes the wristband difficult to casually remove. You can obtain this type of wristband in seven eye-capturing neon colours. They normally measure 255 millimetres long by 19 millimetres wide, each numbered sequentially for security.

Benefits of Fabric Wristbands

If you opt for the woven-type wristbands, you will find that the fabric makes the wristband comfortable to wear. A metal locking device secures each piece of “jewellery.” You can have the wristbands customised according to your precise artwork prerequisites. Other amenities of the wristband include the following:

  • Serial numbering is offered.
  • You can have bands with barcodes made.
  • The wristbands are one-size-fits-all and are therefore simple to fit.
  • The metal locking slider on the wristband prevents removal without cutting the band. However, you can also buy removable wristbands.
  • You can choose from eight vibrant colour weaves per your preferences.
  • Wristbands typically measure 350 millimetres long and 15 millimetres wide.

Indeed, you can make access to your festival or event easy by using this type of adornment. For instance, a wristband that features a barcode slider and is sequentially numbered will keep your event well-organised.

All you need to do is send in the artwork to the supplier and you can produce a fabric wristband that your event-goers will love, for example. When you place an order online, you need to plan a lead time of about two to three weeks.

There’s no doubt about it; you will never use tickets for admission purposes once you order wristbands for your event. Take a look at the selection today. It will inspire you to plan a gathering.