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Importance of Sustainable Construction Material in the Construction Industry

These days, businesses increasingly are turning to remediation services and reprocessed building materials than ever before. With a range of recycled materials available for several different construction projects for a very low price, it can be said that price is one of the most striking features for many selecting to use these products.

But, the necessity for reused and recycled building materials in fact has ascended owing to several factors, not only the requirement of building companies for a practically priced substitute to main raw materials. One of these features is the necessity for the construction industry to become more sustainable.

There are obvious issues in the modern society particularly those that deal with the huge impact of things in the surroundings. In the real estate industry, desiring systems and technologies that cater to the conservation of the environment is becoming a tendency. One of the apprehensions prevailing today is on the usage of sustainable materials for construction of building.

In construction industry, selecting sustainable products and materials can be difficult. Substandard, outdated building products are selected based on value, and aesthetics. But, sustainable building products are assessed in several different facets in order to decide on its level of sustainability. One must be cautious of materials and products that claim they are ecological. Many companies are quick to make sustainable claims about their products because a single feature about an item may be environmentally friendly. Too, it is vital to realize that environmentally friendly, green, products and materials are not always sustainable in practice. This means a material may have biodegradable properties, but is not hard-wearing and will need to be replaced in a few years after construction. These deceptions can be avoided before construction by researching products and making suitable selections in the design procedure.

Construction Industry

Thus, it can be said that the overall objective when developing a sustainable product is to utilize a natural material that is renewable and can be reused, while sustainably offering a building with efficient energy consumption for several years.

As a prominent civil engineer, V. Reddy Kancharla states that once you have made your sustainable selection, it is vital to confirm that your contractor is able to install the product or work with the material. As sustainable construction is a pretty new to the industry, many contractors may not have ever utilized these innovative products earlier. If your contractor is not experienced with a product it is better to find another contractor who can deal with the product efficiently.

Besides being a civil engineer, V. Reddy Kancharla is also a renowned geotechnical consultant. He has undertaken several projects such as the USTA National Tennis Center, skyscraper buildings in New York City such as Bloomberg, Reuters, 7 World Trade Center and Goldman Sachs as well as Terminals 1, 4, 5 and 7 of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport, Yankee Stadium and the Giants/Jets Stadium. He has worked with Testwell, Inc., where he served several designations such as chief engineer, vice president, and president.