Information Incorporated in Background Checks

Every background checks done by the company must abide by the standards set by the FCRA. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has defined a background check as a consumer report. Therefore, every employer before getting the consumer report or planning to run a credit check to verify about any particular individual, they must keep the person informed in writing.

Background Checks About Employment

Employment check will include all the companies an individual worked. The details that can be obtained about the employment are the job title, employment period, salary, etc.

The very purpose of conducting an employment background check is to confirm that the details given on the resume by the candidate hold good. Also, it helps employers to make sure that they don’t get into getting into any legal issues post-hiring an employee.

Background Checks Process Followed By The Employer

In the recent years, more than 70% of the companies are taking steps to know the background of an employee whom their hire to work on their projects. The need for the check is not only to verify the details as mentioned in the resume but also to ensure that the company hires a person free from any offense.

A credit check is the first thing that employers prefer checking to know about the candidate in detail including their skills, financial status, and the habit. This will help the organization to place the applicant in a suitable position.

Information Incorporated in Background Checks

A drug test is conducted to understand if the candidate has any pre-existing condition. This is required not to eliminate selection but to ensure the proper atmosphere is created for the employee to work efficiently.

Then approaching the previous employer to know about the candidate is the most crucial step as it only reveals the dates and details on papers but also the candidate performance on the job. Yes, many times the relieving letter may contain only numbers like date of joining, relieving and the last salary paid. The detailed check only can let know about them on the job performance of a candidate.

A criminal record can be verified for every candidate as it is essential to know their past. Even if they moved to a different state or country, still it is possible for the background check service provider to fetch details to give them writing to the employers.

The bank statement can be verified as the next step to not just know about the salary credited, but other transactions carried out by the candidate which is considered illegal as per the country’s law.

Employers perform all these checks to understand the eligibility of an employee to work in their organization. The form I-9 commonly referred in the United States as the Employment Eligibility Verification form should be duly filled and collected by all employers to hire a resource for their job.

Having known the importance of background verification, it is good that every organization adopt a method to carry out the check in a professional manner. There are reputed service providers who can help business to hire the resource by providing all desired information to identify the best candidate.