Information on Cheap Courier Insurance

Modern courier companies are fortunate to enjoy the benefits of insurance. These companies range from large international corporations with depots in every major city to a bicycle messenger who works in a small area of ​​the city, carrying messages and parcels between companies who recognize the speed and havea relatively low cost of transport. Most couriers, however, are small couriers. Courier services are different from transportation companies because they makeseveral drops per day, instead of taking wholesale quantities of goods which will be redistributed after delivery.

Aspects of insurance needed

When looking for insurance for your courier company, you need to know how many aspects of the insurance will be needed. First, if you use a motor vehicle, that is, a truck or motorcycle, or even a truck, to make deliveries, there is a legal requirement for automobile insurance. This must be a means of transporting goods, not transport, as explained above. These are different categories that depend on the number of deliveries made per day. This automobile insurance covers the usual categories, such as the replacement vehicle after an accident, the replacement glass cover, the legal fees, etc.

As with passenger car insurance, there will be a negotiable surplus and a deduction and protection of the non-claim premium.

Insurance of goods in transit will be required; this will cover the losses and damages to parcels and packages being transported. There may be exclusions, for example, for the transport of dangerous goods or livestock. If the goods being transported are “attractive for theft,” they may be subject to a higher premium or be reimbursed only for part of their value. The insurance of goods in transit may cover confidentiality insurance for the delivery of unidentified goods. It should also cover damage or loss of equipment, which can be significant in terms of expenses, for example, a scanner. The insurance of goods in transit should also cover the public liability and the liability of the employer. If the courier is an owner/driver with only one van, the employer’s responsibility is, of course, not necessary. However, if the courier service has multiple vans, substantial discounts may be granted for each additional van (or vehicle) that will be added to the policy.

Additional categories that may be available after trading includes the coverage of goods or services that are not paid for or problems that could prompt a customer to bring an action. Some cheap courier insurance not cover the delivery of goods by pedestrians, in other words, from the moment the driver leaves the van to knock on the door of the delivery address. Most insurance policies do not cover the goods in a van left unlocked for a short time. All of these details can be resolved by choosing a reputable insurance company and reading the policy before discussing individual terms and conditions. There are many companies specializing in cheap courier insurance on the market, but it takes some time to ensure that the purchased cover is the required coverage.