Innovative Digital Solutions for the Modern Office

One of the biggest issues in the typical office is storage space, in particular documents, as the average business accumulates reams and reams of receipts, invoices, internal and external data, to mention but a few. Of course, a company can destroy documents after a certain period has passed, and for many years, this has been the only alternative to self-storage, yet with digital solutions, you can now store everything safely, and taking up zero space.

Digital Storage

The first stage in the process of digital storage is document scanning, and a specialist company would discuss file formats and would be happy to work to your system. All your paper documents can be scanned and then categorized for easy access, which really gives you a lot more physical space in the office. If your business is UK based, Paper Escape specializes in document scanning and all aspects of digital storage, and they can work to your system and ensure a smooth transition.

Off Site Document Storage

Some companies prefer to store their old documents at another location, rather than having them all scanned, and most reputable companies would also offer document storage facilities, along with a range of other services. Paper Escape is a nationwide company that can digitalize all paper documentation, and if you wish to have the documents securely destroyed after the scanning process, they would be able to do this.

Document Shredding

Once a document has been scanned and the data saved, the paper version is no longer required, and the best solution would be shredding. A reputable company would comply with legislation and your documents would be correctly shredded in a safe and secure environment. Just as an extra safety measure, after the documents are shredded, they are taken to a registered landfill zone, where they are buried forever.

Cloud Storage

Modern businesses are cloud based, with many of their software applications using the service, and this can also be the case for digital document scanning. There is a range of software applications that can be tailored to your existing IT infrastructure, and with secure backups in place, all of your data will be protected.

Reclaim Office Space

The immediate advantage of having all your documents digitally stored is the extra space you will have in the office. Those bulky filing cabinets can be removed and that alone will really make a difference. This would be an ideal time to have an office revamp, and with a little thought, your office space will become more efficient.

Virtual Cabinet Document Management

This is an integrated system whereby all digital documents will be sent to the right recipient, and with tailored solutions, every piece of data will end up where it should be, allowing your business to operate smoothly. Customized solutions enable any company to benefit, as their system does not need to be altered in any way.

The digital age has spelled the end of a long association with paper, and the good news is that we will be saving the trees, which are precious and vital for the future well-being of the planet.