Introducing: The Wedding Planners Insurance

A wedding planner is a person behind every successful wedding. Since this is the most important day for couples, to relieve themselves from the stress, they entrust their big day to the person who knows what they are doing. This is to make sure that on their special day, everything is in order and all will run smoothly.

But like any other circumstances, even the best-planned wedding can still go wrong, without intention. This is why every wedding planner should have the wedding planners insurance for them to be protected from any circumstances. The wedding planner should have a public liability insurance UK. Aside from this, there are other insurance plans available for you to choose, but this is the most preferred by people in this industry.

Public and Products.

It is in the nature of a wedding planner to come in contact with the public more often compared to other jobs. This is why there are a great risk and a very possible that one of the members of the public will claim for compensation if say, they got injured or their property is damaged due to your business activities.

There are times that the products that are being used for the wedding or the wedding reception is defective and may injure someone or their property, these will also be covered by your products liability insurance plan. It can cover a legal defense cost of as much as £1,000,000. An additional premium can also be added to increase the limit.

Employer’s Liability Insurance.

If you are a wedding planner, you cannot work alone. You always have a couple of hired employees. You are required to have the employer’s liability insurance if you a have a person (s) working for you. This will protect you if in case an employee claims for compensation for the alleged injury at work.

Other Types of Insurance.

When you learn about PLI, you will know that aside from the public and products liability insurance, as well as the employer’s liability insurance, you should also insure your business premises and equipment for any possible accidental damages or loss due to theft. On worst case scenarios, your property will be repaired or replaced in just a short period of time.

 There is also the Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance that you can add to your plan. This is important since it will replace the lost income if you get sick or injured and would need to take the time off from work. It pays a weekly benefit, or maybe a lump sum once you are unable to return to work.

Tradesman Saver.

Tradesman Saver is the most trusted insurance provider of tradesmen and professionals across the United Kingdom. For as slow as £53 as their starting price, you can have your business insured for any possible negative circumstances that could happen. You can get your insurance quote online in just minutes! No shady transactions, just pure, honest, and quality insurance that would work with you.

If you are running a business, the pressure is on you. This is true when you are a wedding planner. You are the person that these people are putting their trust on to make their special day memorable, in a good way. So keep you, your business, and your people protected.