Ivan Illan is making a difference in financial industry

Having a career in finance is not all about money. However, it’s close enough. For the business graduating people, obtaining a degree in finance is just the beginning. What should be taken into the notice is the availability of career options where the industry is demanding more professionals.

The finance industry is multifaceted offering a variety of positions catering to several different skills. An individual’s success is vastly dependent on his or her career search, the ability to find, and land a job which has the highest compatibility with his or her skills.


Financial jobs are a key aspect of almost every other company. What people with wealth look for is a finance advisor. A good financial advisor has striking knowledge of investment, saving, and money management, along with possessing excellent communication skills.

In addition to providing their clients with specialist advice on how to manage their money, a financial advisor’s role further involves researching the marketplace, and recommending the most appropriate products and services to invest in for improves ROIs.

Financial advisors may specialize in particular products, conditional to their clients, such as selling employee pension schemes to companies, offering mortgage, pension, or investment advice to private clients. Other advisors can be the generalists who provide advice to the clients in all of these areas as well as saving plans and insurance. Whichever the type of financial advisor you seek, they must have professional qualifications, and should strictly follow the rules of the financial industry.

Ivan M. Illan is an entrepreneur, and a bestselling author is one of the most famous financial advisors a lot of ultra-high net worth investors are hiring nowadays. He is frequently published in the media and is renowned for establishing AligneWealth Preservation and Insurance Services, LLC, based in Los Angeles.

Ivan at the young age of 11 found himself driven towards the interest in the stock market and innovative investing strategies. Beginning his career, he started with being a regional director at Nuveen Investment. As a founder and managing director, he later worked for MingConsulting Group, Inc. Ivan is also an official member of the Forbes Financial Council, and continually contributes to the publishing of media related to finance.

Moreover, he is a member of CFA Society New York, and CFA Society Los Angeles. Ivan has also worked as a VP at Fisher Investments.

Apart from his designations in different investment firms and companies, Ivan has been recognized as the Financial Times Top Financial Advisor and Investopedia Premier Advisor, winning a Five Star Wealth Manager Award. He often appears on significant channels being interviewed on related to Capital Markets.

Ivan is one financial advisor who is a role model for younger generations looking forward to making it big in financial services. If you have this well-vetted financial advisor on your list, you should rest assured that your investments are in safe hands.