Know more about Woodworking Dust Collection Duct

Dust collection is an important issue for any woodworking shop and it is a professional shop. The wood dust and debris are captured by a stream of air and transported through the ductwork. It is depositing it into the dust collection system collection area. The system will generally consist of a large induction motor and an impeller fan. Portable dust collection units are utilized in commercial and small workshop setting. A small workshop will use a portable dust collector when operating a saw to vacuum dust generated by the tools when operating.

Wood dust problems with an industrial dust collector:

Wood dust is a potential problem in all woodworking applications. Wood dust is actually classified as a particulate airborne contaminant. Industrial dust collectors will be designed to remove particulate airborne contaminants at the source. Woodworking dust collection duct has been identified by the health administration as potential safety and health hazard. Wood dust will cause long term health problems and will be an irritant to the sinuses in the short term.


There will be good reasons other than health for using a dust collector in wood shops. Wood dust is created from cutting it a serious potential fire hazard. If you are trying to apply smooth finishes with wood dust hanging in the air then the dust will create imperfection on the finished product. Wood dust will have a negative effect on power tools and machinery.

Factors to consider when designing a dust collection:

There are three primary factors to consider when designing a dust collection system for a wood shop. You have to determine how many cubic feet per minute of air movement will be needed in your collection system to handle your wood dust output. It is vital to lay out a system that will ensure your shop tools and ductwork provide maximum efficiency for your requirements. Then you have to determine to use a single or double stage collection system.

How to choose dust collection system?

Choosing the right system is a matter of factoring in the actual shop dimension and number of tools in the shop. It is possible that you will find that a more dust collection system will suit your needs just fine. You will not need to invest in the most expensive system. If you are working in a small shop and looking for a simple then portable dust collection will be just the ticket. A system will be moved from machine to machine on a needed basis. This is being used to improve its ability to draw and move large amounts of debris.

Dust collector pulls the wood debris through an impeller and deposits it in a collection bin. A double stage collection system deposits the larger wood pieces and that will shavings in a bin before they reach the impeller. The wood dust passes the impeller and it is collected in a storage container. Dust collector system will stop the metal objects like screws from hitting the impeller.