Know your customer’s feedbacks through One Way SMS in Singapore

One way to identify the growth of your business is through customer’s feedback. Through feedbacks, you can determine the improvements you need to undertake. With the vast development of communication, there are a variety of ways to catch up with your customers. You can try making pages and account on social media sites, make asurvey or through interactive messaging systems. One recommended system is One Way SMS, they offer bulk SMS sender in Singa  pore making easier for clients to reach out to customers.

About One Way SMS

Its main operations are located at Singapore but serve other international countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, UK, Europe, and other countries in Asia Pacific Region. As one of the mobile communication providers in the industry, they see to it that every client is well-accommodated with their services. They generally help businesses in communicating to their prospective customers.

Interactive messages or SMS are used to gather business feedbacks from customers. Those feedbacks are used to enhance the services and products more. Through One Way SMS, you can reach a bulk or group of customers without spending too much marketing campaigns.

Methods used in sending SMS

One Way SMS presents three methods on how to send messages or SMS: The first method is Web SMS System. In Web SMS System, you just need a personal computer or smartphone and internet connection. You just need to open your account through a browser, and you’re good to go.

The second method is through API or Application Programming Interface. This method runs with own system or application through programs like NET, JAVA, PHP, and VB6. This type of method is best for businesses.

The last method is through email. This is the second easiest way to send an SMS. You just need a working email and the same address you use when you sign up for One Way SMS. Emails are converted to SMS.

Rates and Prices

Rates and prices are very affordable. SMS credit packages start from 1000 to 10000 and price per SMS/TEXT starts from $0.045 to $0.04. Guaranteed no hidden charges like setup fee, monthly subscription fee, and other fees. All prices are in Singaporean dollar, and it covers all the Singapore networks.

Why choose One Way SMS?

Considering SMS/TXT as one of the fastest ways of communication, One Way SMS will always update your customers through SMS. All SMS are delivered in just 5 seconds. All target customers will be updated in all promotions and notifications. Aside from being updated, usage of the system is very easy. You don’t need software and hardware; a simple web browser and the internet can make it operate.

All important information used in the system are well secured and safe. Services offered are all money-back guaranteed.


Communication indeed plays an important role in every part of our lives. As a growing business, you must assure that you know what are the comments and possible suggestions from your customers. This feedback will become your enhancer to magnify your services and products. You can try purchasing a bulk SMS sender in Singapore like One Way SMS.