Branding Strategy

Making the Real Connection with Branding Strategy

There are many names recognized as the most popular and best brands in the market. But has it ever occurred to you, how is it so? Surely, there are several other companies selling the same products, then why is it that these are the names globally recognized while the others are not? How is it that they connect so well with their consumers?

Well, companies or organizations are just like individual humans who have their own specific fingerprint, character, weakness, strength and an overall personality.  This is what makes every individual unique and different from the rest, and hence easily recognizable. In other words, it is the brand that makes you different and easy to identify. The same logic goes behind the recognition of the big brands.

This is where the branding strategy plays the key role. In a time when people are always in a hurry, they prefer shorthand, so that fishing out the perfect product for them is easier, when it is rather difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Experts like the Brand Strategy Director, Mr. Jonathan Disegi will be able to say how the magic happens when the customers, the shareholders, the employees, the distributors and partners are all able to feel assured and consistent in their belief on the particular product or service. This paves the ground for loyalty from the customers.

Branding Strategy

Branding in a way empowers the business too; it builds the confidence and enables the owner to take decisions and steps that may seem risky to others. The emotional connect with the consumers, is what gives this branding process a big boost; because what ensues immediately is fan following and of course customer loyalty. The brand fingerprint therefore becomes the key element in cutting through all the noise and competition of the market and reaching the consumers properly.

However, there is a proper method that needs to be followed to get this branding process rolling. There are two primary phases of this – strategy and visual translation. The first thing you need to do is to recognize the personality, brand values and character of your product. Not underestimating your competitors is always a wise thing to do and that is why you need to get a grip of the competitive landscape. This is when you will be able to position yourself in the market and makes the necessary development of your value proposition. This is to be done as far as your strategy is concerned.

As for your visual translation, you need to determine the key brand element, develop the brand mood as well as draw a roadmap for your brand. Following these two phases is not easy without the help of able people of this field like Jonathan Disegi. There is no doubt as to the kind of success that your business will witness once you use the Branding Strategy to make the real connection with all your target consumers.