Marketing Automation Software: Key to Success

Marketing Automation Software: Key to Success

First of all, let’s define the meaning of marketing automation. This software helps marketing departments and organizations automate repetitive processes and tasks. It also allows you manage communications across numerous online marketing channels in real time more effectively and helps you better understand your customers’ needs and how to meet those needs while enhancing your bottom line. In this article, you can read more about marketing automation and how it improves marketing efficiency.

What Obstacles You Can Face on the Way to Success with Marketing Automation

When you decided to implement this software in your company, you should understand that everything is not so smooth. You may face the following barriers on your way:

  • Budget constraints
  • Shortage of qualified employees for marketing automation software maintenance
  • Complexity of the software
  • Improbability to align marketing processes with sales
  • Problems with software compatibility with other systems

So, it’s necessary to consider all the possible problems before starting the process of implementation so as to be able to do it with the highest efficiency and profit for your business.Trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the tools can be difficult. Here is a list of the best marketing automation software which will help you to boost your marketing campaigns and convert more leads.


Bpm’online marketing software is a marketing automation solution, which helps to efficiently manage customer data, storing all the information on their interactions with the company in a single base, and enhance your marketing-related activities. As a result, the employeealways sees the full history of customer’sinteractions with the company and is able to make better decisions based on the available information.

Thanks to the detailed profile of each client, a full history of interaction and flexible segmentation tools, you will be able to work with your audience in a more efficient and persnalized way. The result will be a relevant offerfor each segment, formed depending on customer’s personal preferences.

Marketing automation software–bpm’online marketing – has toolsfor lead management, marketing campaigns management, events and communications management, providing powerful instruments to achieve significant business growth. You can find more information about important features of the system on the official site

Marketing Automation Software: Key to Success


Intercom is a platform that allows for setting up targeted communication with clients via multiple channels.

It provides a range of marketing automation tools,which complement each other. All those solutions function together in one place and are supported by live customer data.

Intercom users will be able to view, monitor, comment and initiate negotiations from a single team account, and repetitive tasks will be automated to save time and resources.Read more at . 


Interakt is an efficient marketing automation software,which provides you with a user-friendly all-in-one customer engagement software. It brings together various channels of interaction and communications. So you do not need to integrate multiple services to manage those tasks.

Interakt provides an opportunity to organize email campaigns, create engaging and efficient web & push notifications, manage help desk tickets.

In general, its main function is visitors capturing and converting into actual customers.

Find more features at

Jump lead 

Jump lead is an innovative CRM system which is generally used by small businesses. Its main function is to generate, nurture, and manage your leads. This lead management system accumulates information about customers who contact you via application forms on websites, in chats or other channels of communication, allows you to filter them and divide into segments.

Jumplead has a function of lead scoring. The score is counted to view the actual level of lead engagement and qualification. This feature is an extremely important part of the efficient marketing system of the company. Find out more at

Description: Find out about the best marketing automation software solutions with great features which will help to build smart marketing campaigns.