Own or Manage a Small Business: How to Brand and Rebrand Your Products Successfully?

“The gloves have come off and marketers now are playing for keeps. Right now, it’s the best of times and the worst of times for business marketing.” – JT Ripton

 Do you own an existing small business or new start-up? Do you have existing products that need to be rebranded, or are you developing a new brand? It does not matter where your company is with the branding or rebranding process. It is critical that you converse with the top branding consultants for small business in Sydney like BrandQuest, as it is becoming more and more difficult to get your brand’s voice heard above all the noise in the retail marketplace.

 One of the most important ways to ensure that your products sell is to make sure that your brand’s message is simple, clear, and consistent across all marketing channels. It’s important to develop a brand strategy that encompasses your companiesvalues as well as rebranding and product rationalisation.

What is product rationalisation? Well, it is the process of reducing the number of products that you sell in order to maximize customer reach per product; thereby, increasing your revenue per product.

You might have an existing brand; however, your sales figures are dropping every week. What do you do? Why do you need to rebrand? In a nutshell, you start out with what you believe is a wining strategy; however, circumstances can and will change. Your target audience may have changed, your brand’s reputation might have been damaged, or your company has merged with another company.

How do you adapt to these changing times? In my opinion, the best way forward is to rebrand your product when your current brand no longer reflects the message that your company wishes to portray to its consumers.

Successful branding and rebranding

What do you want your brand to stand for? What is it about your brands and products that will encourage your customer base to support you? How are you going to get this message across to your loyal consumers? I believe that these are some of the core questions that need to be asked when you sit down with a brand strategist in order to develop your brand.

Here are three tips to help you ensure that your branding/rebranding exercise is successful:

Hire an expert brand strategist

It’s vital to get an outside, expert opinion. Your employees are too close to the brand to be objective and make the hard decisions. Brand Quest retains specialist branding strategists who keep up to date with the latest marketing and branding trends. They will help you plan and implement a successful rebranding strategy.

Consider the role of social media in your branding strategy

It is no secret that social media has revolutionised, and continues to revolutionise, brand marketing. You need to ensure that you target the correct social media channels that can help you enforce your brand’s messages successfully. It is impossible to maintain a successful presence across all social media channels.

Keep your customers informed

People don’t like change; therefore, it is not a good idea to spring changes to their favourite brands without keeping them appraised of the changes. Engage them in the rebranding process. Ask them what they think of your proposed changes. You will soon gain an insight into, and understanding of, what your loyal customers think of your changes.

Final Words

The advent of the information age has thrown traditional marketing strategies into disarray; as a result, my experience has shown that it is critical that any branding or rebranding exercise needs to be conducted in conjunction with the appropriate specialists.