Relocating? Four Reasons Why Hiring a Serviced Office is the Right Move

If you are looking at relocating to a new business premises, hiring a serviced office is the right move for a number of reasons, from accessing the services of highly trained receptionist and admin staff to the flexibility that short-term leases offer. Here are four reasons why hiring a serviced office space for a short or long-term lease will benefit your business.

One – Accessing Highly Trained Support Staff

Every business needs to put their best foot forward with outstanding receptionist staff, but as hiring a fulltime receptionist can put a major financial strain on a small business, many are forced to operate without one. However, should a business hire a serviced office in Liverpool from Hubsquared or another reputable service provider in the city, they will have access to highly trained support staff that enable them to make a great impression as well as operate more effectively.

Two – Move in Quickly and Cheaply

If you have ever had to relocate to a new place of work you would be aware of just how expensive it can be. Not only are there relocation costs, but there is also downtime and that can cost more than money, it can actually cost a business the trust of its customers which is far worse.

However, by moving to a serviced office, the relocation process is quick and easy, plus it’s also much more cost-effective than moving into a traditional office rental agreement as you would also need to hire or buy new office equipment and furniture and that is very expensive. Basically, by hiring a serviced office space, your business can operate more cost-effectively and not experience so much downtime.

Three – More Choice of Locations

As there are serviced offices all over the world, wherever you need to operate you will find that you are spoiled for choice, especially in major cities and business hubs. Whether you are looking for an office near retail destinations or you want to be close to other businesses and operate in the CBD, you won’t have to look far to find an office space that is perfect for your needs. Some of the things to look for in a location include:

  • Access to parking and public transport
  • Proximity to your clients
  • Reputable area

Naturally, that’s not all that you will need to look for, though whatever your requirements, you’re sure to find an office space that’s ideal.

Four – Great Service

As competition is tough between service providers, the level of service in the sector is outstanding so you’re not only assured a great deal on a serviced office space, but you’ll also find that you get great service. This is important, as you need to be able to rely on your serviced office space provider for a number of things and that means great customer service is a must.

Whether you are looking to hire an office in Liverpool or London, New York or Nashville, you’ll find that hiring a serviced office space really is the way to go.